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The 5 most expensive celebrity hotel rooms in London

London: the city of opportunity, the city of wonders, the city of love. Everyone thinks they have their individual opinion about London. Sure, their view may be skewed over years of television and advertisements, but in large, perceptions of London remain similar. The bottom line is that, London’s expensive! You cannot visit the diverse capital and expect to budget your every move. You won’t find much use here if you want information on cheap London hotels. Even though cheap hotel rooms do start from as low as £40 a night, they’re usually unbearable. London is known for its elegance and style – which usually comes high in cost. Celebrities are filled in the capital for this very reason. You’ve probably stayed in hotel a celebrity has been to. Here are the five most expensive celebrity hotel rooms in the capital. The Berkeley Knightsbridge is home to many of London’s most expensive hotel rooms. The Berkeley is a five star deluxe hotel owned by the Maybourne Hotel Group. With specious bedrooms and elegant en suite marble-coated bathrooms, the room is located over the beautiful Hyde Park. Enjoy your meals on the private terrace accessed through the master bedroom or the conservatory. Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Gisele have all experienced a couple’s getaway in the Pavilion Conservatory. The Langham The Infinity Suite in the Langham is a one of a kind. It is London’s only hotel room that provides a bath which is, actually, a spa. The chromatherapy feature on the bath is mixed with hydrotherapy that provides a skin-clearing bathing experience. This makes the £5,000 a night room worth the money for some celebrities such as Anglina Jolie and Colin Farrell. The Mandarin Oriental The Edwardian-style historic icon is a five-star hotel located in Knightsbridge. The hotel dates back to the early 1900s and consists of 198 rooms, with its recent renovation adding newly-designed restaurants and bars. The Royal Suite includes a balcony that gave Madonna and Baroness Margaret Thatcher a view of London’s Hyde Park. The green and yellow colour schemes ravish the rest of the suite, most frequently being occupied by movie stars and models. Claridge’s – Brook Penthouse Suite Claridge’s is a luxury hotel on Mayfair in the city of Westminster. The Brook Penthouse Suite has gained popularity amongst Britain’s Viscount Linley – who wouldn’t be attracted to the luxurious lilac décor throughout the large dressing rooms. The marble bathrooms combined with the elegant 1930s light oak floors made a nice visit for designer Marc Jacobs, as well. The Lanesborough Bang in the middle of Knightsbridge in central London, the 5-star hotel in Hyde Park Corner is the traffic source of all tourists. The Lanesborough has gained a reputation of being the most expensive hotel in London with the Royal Suite costing £14,000 a night. So which celebs will you be so close, yet so far from? Madonna, Jim Carrey, and Leonardo Di Caprio have all stayed at the Lanesborough. The Suite, though, is usually booked by politicians, entertainers, and celebrities of all kind. Jeremy Bellinghausen is the President of HotelClub. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Ooh I’d love to stay at the Mandarin Oriental but I’m not a WAG and don’t even do spray tanning so I don’t know if I’ll ever get the opportunity but hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

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