3 essential items that every luxury traveller “must” have

Going somewhere?  Are you sure you’re properly prepared?  Here we’ve rounded up those essential (or perhaps not so essential) items that you really should have with you.  (We’re assuming you’ve already got those truly essential items such as your passport.)

A smartphone

Things have moved on at an alarming rate since the Web first came along in the mid-1990s. Nowadays people increasingly seem to expect replies to emails to be almost instantaneous. Many of us forever have our heads buried in some device or other and feel as though our right arms have been chopped off if we ever temporarily mis-place our phones.  Forget your iPhones and Blackberries… the phone of choice for the luxury traveller would seem to be a Vertu.  And if money really is no object, the Vertu Signature Cobra will set you back more than $300,000.

Good quality luggage

Whatever you’re taking with you, and wherever you might be heading, you want to be sure you have good quality luggage.  The Henk Travelfriend seems to be the item of choice here, but will cost you a cool $20,000.  Don’t worry – for that price, you can customise your own look from 15 different colour and material combinations.

A nice watch

Every luxury traveller must have a nice watch (even if your Vertu above already tells you the time). How about the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 5002 P? For this little gem, you won’t be getting any change from $1.5 million.  And, perhaps surprisingly, it still requires manual winding and you mustn’t get it wet because the case protects against humidity and dust only.

But’s let’s come back to reality and let’s not forget all the other “essentials” – not just the physical items – that you need when going on a trip. Your passport and the ‘extras’ such as insurance, emergency contact numbers and so on.  For these and more, take a look at the Good2Go Travel Checklist.

Are you off somewhere soon? What would you choose as your three most essential items for a luxury trip?

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  1. YoungSinatra559 says:

    Your stupid to buy a $1.5 million dollar watch that can’t get wet. Just get a Rolex. Any decent watch is waterproof down to at least 300 feet.

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