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A stag weekend of water-based fun in Portugal

Portugal may not top your list of locales for a luxurious stag weekend abroad. But with so many exclusive, water-based activities, you should head to the province of Algarve for a fabulous stag do.

You’ll live it up with your mates in the crystal clear blue waters and wide sandy beaches of this expansive province on the southern coast of Portugal. A Mediterranean climate ensures the area enjoys more than 3,000 hours of sunshine annually, so you can partake of water sports at any time of the year.

Here are five activities guaranteed that promise to show the groom-to-be a great time on the water.

Luxury yacht cruises

Cruise along the spectacular Algarve coastline in a luxurious yacht. Live a life of luxury while you search for dolphins and explore the fascinating caves that dot the Portuguese coast. The groom-to-be will return home from his stag weekend abroad with tales that rival those of the rich and famous.

Ride in a rocket boat

You’ll have a blast racing along the coast at 60 knots in the fastest boat in the Atlantic! Make sure your mates wear life jackets while skating along the water in an extraordinary boat with a jet-propelled engine. This will be a stag party to remember!

Shark fishing

Take the stag in search of shark in the wide open sea. A private boat equipped with the latest in sonar technology will ensure you catch a big one. Your mates will have stories to tell the groom’s grandkids after snagging a two-meter blue shark!

Sunset boat cruise

Make sure the groom relaxes during his last weekend of freedom. Take him on a quiet boat cruise in the calm, blue waters of the Atlantic. Relax on the deck on the deck of an elite Catamaran and watch the sun set while you sip Champagne.

Dolphin watching

Head out into the Atlantic for a chance to see some of nature’s most elegant creatures. Your stag party will enjoy cruising around in search of dolphins in the blue ocean off the Algarve. If you get too hot, you can always cool off with a dip in the tranquil waters. And make sure to save time to explore the unique coastline on your return trip.

The Algarve offers your mates a chance for fabulous fun in the water and waves. You’ll love the water sports that abound along the Southern coast of Portugal. Make sure you add the Algarve to your list of spots for a fabulous stag weekend abroad!

Alex Rush is CEO at Royal Stag Weekends.

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  1. Dolphins, they are like kids, so cute and lovely I can watch to them hours.:)))
    Hope to enjoy them next summer !!!

  2. It beggars belief that in the year 2013 people are still uninformed enough to consider shark fishing a tolerable activity – let alone describing the act of killing a defenceless animal as “fun”.
    Due to their slow reproductive cycles sharks are particularly vulnerable to overfishing and a significant percentage of shark species worldwide are now critically endangered. Some background information can be found here:


    Killing a shark is about as heroic as clubbing your neighbour’s Labrador. If you want to truly prove yourself, stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Thanks, have a nice day.

  3. The picture for shark fishing shows an endangered ha mfishingmer head shark. which you would be as unlikely to find in the medeteranian sea as the two models pictured. Fishing of any kind that involves sonar to find fish has to be considered unsportsmanly and so is more of an embarassment than story for the grandkids. go diving instead and come face to face with an apex predatoe. now that is aomething to talk about.

  4. Alex Rush, you really should be kicked out of the tourism industry for promoting such a ridiculous product. How can killing hammerheads or any shark be described as the ‘finer things in life’? This is incredibly short sighted as once they’re gone, there’s no more business, only a massive impact on the ecosystems that are necessary for our survival. The idea that everyone else in this world should pay the price because a bunch of ignorant people want to have a laugh for a weekend is insane.

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