Travel around London like a celebrity on your stag weekend

During the day, London is an enthralling city filled with historic, cultural and regal exploits to enjoy. By night, the scene changes dramatically. A multitude of hip night spots come to life where you will make memories to last for years to come. Filled with booze and scorching hot dance floors, the stag and his mates will live it up for one last weekend of freedom.

With so many fabulous activities packed into an exciting weekend in London, you’ll need to get around fast and, more importantly, in style. Treat the stag like a VIP and take him out on the town in a stylish conveyance. He’ll have a great time, and the ladies will take notice. You’ll look like celebrities!

Take a helicopter

Fighting traffic or squeezing into the Tube has no place during a luxurious stag weekend. Whether you want a transfer from the airport to the Barclays Helipad or a fantastic sightseeing trip across London, a helicopter will get you there fast and in style. Don’t forget to book a classy limousine to take you to one of London’s swankiest hotels!

Get there in VIP style

Whether gigging at the O2, dining at Pont De La Tour, or watching polo at Hurlingham, arrive at your riverside venue in style aboard a fabulous yacht. Your mates will have a blast and you’re certain to be noticed by the female crowd!

Once you’ve arrived, take save some time for a true 007-style adventure that will give any stag a thrill. Consider these spy-tastic exploits during your weekend in London.

Cruise the River Thames

He’ll think he’s as suave as James Bond while flying down the River Thames in a luxuriously appointed yacht that was actually used in the film “The World is Not Enough.”  Celebrate the stag in sophisticated style with your favourite music and “shaken, not stirred” Martinis while you cruise along the Thames.

Test your marksmanship and escape skills

So you can look as deadly cool as Bond, you want your stag to get in some shooting practice and wall climbing experience. That way, he can make a spy-like getaway if the nights warrants. Practice by shooting clay pigeons at one of London’s most posh clubs. Then head out for some wall climbing practice and racing against your mates in a lightening fast kart.

Make sure you give the stag a magical weekend to remember before he walks down the aisle. Enjoy all the non-stop action London can offer your stag party – just make sure you travel around The Swinging City like a celebrity.

And don’t forget to book the private helicopter!

Alex Rush is CEO at Royal Stag Weekends.

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Comments (3)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Nice post! A helicopter instead of a tube sounds ideal. I’ve never thought about having a stag weekend in London, but this would be tempting!

  2. Sue Smith says:

    Great ideas. The name of the game now is to create “once in a lifetime” travel experiences that your personal assistant can’t create herself with a Google search.

  3. alexiajack says:

    Wonderful column! Seaport minibus hire service is very useful as an alternative of a tube noises perfect.

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