The 5 best wine destinations in the world

Love wine?  Love to incorporate some great wines in your next trip?  Then take a look at this list from TripAdvisor. According to the popular travel review site, these are currently the five best wine destinations in the world. I don’t suppose the French will be happy at not making the list, whilst California‘s Napa Valley is also a notable omission.

1. Tuscany, Italy
2. Sonoma County, California
3. Hunter Valley, Australia
4. Stellenbosch, South Africa
5. Province of Mendoza, Argentina

Are you surprised by the top 5 or do you think they’ve got it about right?

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  1. Mac says:


    Your list is composed by places of my dreams, especially the South Africa, but for me, there is definitely France missing… But not Bordeaux! I would put vineyards with denomination ‘Costieres de Nimes’. Not only the wines, but the whole area is fantastic – Nimes, Arles, Avignon, Pont-du-Gard, Beaucaire etc.

    Love the blog. Have a good day!

  2. It would have been nice if you included some descriptions of each of the regions listed, but I am thrilled that Stellenbosch, South Africa made it to the list; the neighbouring Franschhoek is also well worth a visit while in the area.

  3. Paul Johnson says:

    Fair point, Francoise… further descriptions on each area can be found on the TripAdvisor list at

  4. Malin says:

    What about France? I really love wine travelling in Bourgogne and have actually never hit the most talked about Bordeaux and Loire. Fair enough that with Tuscany on the top and agree that Sonoma is very visitor-friendly but no France at all on the list is a little unfair….

  5. There are certainly many great wine destinations in the world – but we in Tuscany are proud to be on top! Those of us in the travel industry have been working very hard to make it #1. Nature gave Tuscany so much, but the rest is up to us! I am thrilled that travelers have recognized our excellence.

  6. Yes, I’m shocked to not see France on there and definitely think Marlborough in New Zealand should be on there. But I guess it all really depends on where people using Trip Advisor visit. Interesting to read nonetheless.

  7. Kit Williams says:

    I agree. France is a great place for wine travel, and if you’re talking about luxury, you could do a lot worse than a river cruise through the wine regions of Burgundy. Fine wines, great scenery and luxurious travel without the hassle of road touring, as well as some fascinating excursions.

  8. marlen godwin says:

    Agree there should have been France there but also Greece producing some great wines and Cyprus too….List is great as it has many favourites, but would substitute Tuscany for the Veneto,Italy. Great memories of visiting Stellenbosch and Argentina on my wish list, with Malbec a firm favourite these days, after John Wood introduced me to this wine!

  9. Leonor Soza says:

    Where is Chile? We produce some of the best wines in the world and Wine tourism in Chile has grown a lot in the last years!

  10. Pablo Negri says:

    How on earth could you forget to mention at least one of Chile’s “zillion” valleys and luxury vineyard resorts?

  11. Vicente Cardusa says:

    Hi, reading “The 5 best wine destinations in the world” I agree that Mendoza belongs to this top 5, specially if you consider that many states are located next to the Andes montain range.

    At the moment, I work as free lance tour guide,visiting different wineries, city tour and tours throught the Andes, ending at the Aconcangua´s base camp. Seeing that is possible to advertise here, I would like to do it or may be, some way to develop some bussiness.

    Looking foward to hearing from you

    Best regards


  12. Paul Johnson says:

    Hello Vicente

    For information on advertising, you can contact us directly on

    Kind regards


  13. thomas perez says:

    Love the Blog, and your pick on the wine regions, but also agree that FRANCE should have been in here.

  14. Bill says:

    Tuscany is beautiful but the wine is mediocre,unless you are a fan of Chianti, which I’m not. It is impossible to leave out France especially Sancerre and Pouilly Fume where the white wine is the best in the World and the scenery beautiful. Also Alsace, where the wine is good and the scenery superlative. If the wine is more important and you want red then try the Loire and you can even take in some Champagne on you travels. If food is more important then ?? and ?? win hands down.

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