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The 5 best places in France for luxury travel

When thinking about luxury destinations, France is one of the foremost locations to consider. The country has some of the best places to visit that could have been custom made for the very purpose of just relaxing, watching the world go by and soaking up the wonderful surroundings. You never know you may just fall in love with the country and end up settling there. France is a big country with large numbers of tourists flocking to visit it each year, which is testimony to its world wide appeal. There are certain areas of France that stand out from others due to their blend of luxury, historic culture and romance. Paris The mother of all travel destinations, Paris is the most visited city in the world. It also regularly features among the list of most expensive cities to live. With a wide array of exclusive hotels, private accommodation, even villas, Paris has a place for everyone. Some of the biggest names in the travel catalogue include the Eiffel Tower – one of the wonders of the world, the ever beautiful Champs-Ulysses, the terrace gardens, and lovely streets that mix up the medieval architecture oh so nicely with modern buildings make this place a must-go for all travel enthusiasts. Nice Located in the south of France, Nice is a historical city that has grown through the ages. The architecture of this place is simply amazing and the red-topped buildings give out an aura of their own. The French Riviera lives through this place and the gastronomy here is, perhaps, the best in the world. It has a lot of Michelin starred hotels standing side by side not so famous eateries that are equally good. A luxury tour through France is incomplete without a visit to this place. Bordeaux Everyone has heard of the Bordeaux wine. Not only that, this beautiful city offers some of the most authentic and tasty French cuisines. The countryside is simply marvellous and takes the fantasy of anyone visiting here. From Victor Hugo to George Eugene Haussmann, artists through time have been captivated by the beauty and luxury of this place. Cannes Cannes is the place where the rich flaunt their money and style. It offers all the luxury available in any place in France added with an elite crowd. Spotting a celebrity strolling on the roads is nothing out of ordinary. The beaches are superb and the shopping options will leave you coming back for more. This exotic location in the French Rivera is the place to be, if looking for a place for lazing around luxuriously surrounded by trademark French beauty. Monaco Often considered to be the most expensive places to visit, Monaco has a list of exclusive hotels and exotic beaches. This Mediterranean paradise has a tropical temperature; you can take a bath in the sea with white yachts outlining the background. Private villas add a shine to this place and the glamour will make leaving it a difficult endeavour. Located at the French border, Monaco is the place to be, if looking for something out of the ordinary. France is synonymous with luxury travel. Finding a place that fulfils your specifications is never too hard and before long, you will find yourself becoming a part of this place. So, pack your bags and experience the beauty of France yourself. Richard Dannreuther is Director of French Property Ski. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Agree there are no end of luxurious places to visit in France, but nothing beats being on the Mediterranean coast with fine wine and local fresh food.

  2. A great whistlestop tour of the luxurious travel destinations in France. I would also point out Courchevel 1850, which has to be among the Top 3 Ski resorts in the world.

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