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3 spa treatments with the ‘wow’ factor

Love spa treatments?  Looking for something a little different?  Then maybe one of these wonderful options is just what you’re looking for. Here we give a round-up on three rather different spa treatments, each with their own ‘wow’ factor, and that will each leave you feeling extra special. Bush spa treatments A relaxing holistic treatment is the ideal way to break up a tiring safari, with early morning and late afternoon activities often leaving a sizeable, massage shaped hole in the middle of your day. For this reason, there are an increasing number of bush spas cropping up across the continent, with our current favourite at Mfuwe Lodge in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. The setting is dreamy, on a secluded deck next to a lagoon that sees permanent heavy hippo traffic and a wide diversity of other animal visitors. This provides a unique soundtrack to your treatment, with the constant grunt and gurgle of hippo pods given a more musical backing by birdsong and antelope alarm calls. The spa has individual and couples’ treatment rooms and a luxurious Jacuzzi, all in open-sided compartments that allow you to enjoy the living soundtrack and feel the natural breeze in your hair. The treatment menu includes all the classic spa staples with a local twist, utilising indigenous African oils and local techniques to offer intriguing options such as an African Goddess Anti-Ageing Facial, a Luangwa Valley Mud Wrap and the varied Big Five Pampering Hydrotherapy Packages. Wake Up & Smell the Coffee Wrap The exclusive Red Lane® Spas at Sandals Resorts in Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Antigua and the Bahamas are the ultimate retreats to relax and rejuvenate. Combining European traditions with an exotic Caribbean twist, each Red Lane® treatment uses ingredients from the Caribbean including Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee, fresh citrus fruits and natural brown sugar. One of our favorite treatments, which definitely has the wow factor, is the fabulous “Wake Up & Smell the Coffee Wrap”; a blissful body wrap using Blue Mountain coffee beans which gently exfoliate the skin, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and glowing from the outside in. The Four Seasons Ritual Get in touch with your senses at Lefay Resort & Spa with the Ritual of the Four Seasons massage, which is a package of treatments designed to stimulate all five of the body’s senses. The treatment is founded on the belief in Chinese medicine that each individual’s energy is linked to a season, with each season having its own colour, smell, taste and sound. The Ritual begins with a personal consultation with one of the resort’s doctors to establish which season the individual is most connected to and they are then prescribed a specific massage, facial, physical activity and herbal tea. A Red Phoenix, or someone who feels most in tune with the summer season, would have a massage using lavender, rose, neroli and verbena essential oils, whilst the colour red is use in chromotherapy.

Paul Johnson

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