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The best luxury nightclubs in the world

Those who like music, movement and emotions! Those who enjoy being energetic and feeling the taste of luxury! Those who prefer the hottest atmosphere, we have prepared a list of the world’s top luxury nightclubs for your partying pleasure. Have a great escape from daily life! Read on for more…

1. Pacha – Ibiza, Spain

Ibizais the most famous party place in the world. The top nightclub in Ibiza is Pacha Ibiza. What is Pacha? Pacha is 5 different rooms, very huge dance floor, different music styles, best international DJs, brilliant shows and performances, and the most amazing cocktails. Here you can enjoy any kind of party music from house music and lounge music to 80s and 90s dance music.

All party-goers are dreaming about partying on the world’s famous island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. However, as this place is the most desirable it may be overcrowded because there are more than a lot of candidates to be part of night life and listen to David Guetta.

2. Ministry of Sound – London, England

Founded and based in1991 in London, Ministry of Sound is considered to have a historical value.

Ministry of Sound was London’s first club devoted to the American house music.

Now Ministry of Sound turned to be a chain of nightclubs globally and a network of international associated labels including clubs in Germany, Australia and the U.S. Also, Ministry of Sound has its own record label, radio station, branded clothes and mobile channels.

Ministry of Sound works 24/7 providing three main ingredients of the perfect nightlife: 100% sound system, magnificent lights, and distinguished design. Thus, this place is for people who can dance for many hours without getting tired.

3. Las Vegas, USA

Everybody knows that the culture of Las Vegas night is like no other.

Endless amount flow of people goes to Las Vegasto party. Even impossible things may happen in Vegas.

Of course each Vegas visitor’s opinion might be different depending on the type of music he/she likes but the highest level rated nightclubs are XS, Marquee and Surrender.

XS nightclub makes you feel special. Huge dance floor, gold-encrusted interior, fabulous atmosphere are those things that compose the best clubbing playground.

If you prefer luxury and house music Marquee nightclub is exactly what you need. Marque is both nightclub and dayclub so its doors are open all time long (all time long?). You feel like in paradise when spending at least some time on Marque’s territory.

The third Vegas nightclub Surrender offers the world’s greatest electronic dance music and perfect clubbing playground. It is an ultimate nightspot for those who enjoy nightlife, glamour and wild energy.

4. LIV – Miami, Florida

Actually, Miami is like an evergreen plant. This city never sleeps, never stops partying and being abandoned. It is full of people, music and fun all the year round. It is impossible to count party places situated in Miami. Almost every hotel has a dance floor and cool music. However, the best one is LIV located in the fascinating building of Fontainebleau Hotel. LIV is the highest nightclub in the world.

It is awarded with the title of one of the best nightclubs because of great architectural design, royal decoration, high comfort level and state-of-the-art sound system. Last season Miami Heat celebrated their win in NBA championship in LIV. So, if you as a keen party-goer would like to get as much fun as possible, LIV will provide you the ultimate nightlife experience!

5. Sortie – Istanbul, Turkey

Actually, most of the high-rated nightclubs in Istanbulare located by the Bosphorus. Sortie is not an exception. Having been founded at the Bosphorus shore in 2006, Sortie (this word means “Exit” in French) has become one of the top elite nightclubs and restaurants. It offers a wide music trends (from techno and R&B to Alternative rock and Lounge music) and a very delicious cuisine (Sea food, Turkish and world cuisine etc.).

In summertime Sortie offers many live performances with the participation of many celebrities. Because all of these factors Sortie is the best escape places to relax, have fun and enjoy the natural beauty of Istanbul. So, if you are planning a trip to Istanbul make a reservation beforehand to spend a great night and enjoy the magnificent views of Istanbul.

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  1. Please change your london setting. That club hasn’t been good for 6 years or so.

    Best places in London are:

    China white
    The Box
    Whiskey mist

  2. I am a little surprised at this list. I wouldn’t call any of these places “luxury” nightclubs, they are more large scale nightclubs. Luxury nightclubs tend have the following characteristics-

    1 they are small
    2 they are very difficult to get into (exclusive)
    3 they cater to models, the affluent, celebrities, the well connected

    Here are some of the top clubs in New York (and hence the world)that should have been on your list

    The Boom Boom Room
    No 8
    Rose Bar

  3. I agree with fleeter…. 4 of the above nightclubs are luxury(i dont know about the LA ones as have never been to them), in fact they are the exact opposite – overcrowded, dirty and cheap. Living in Switzerland the first two that pop into my head are the Kings Club in St. Moritz (the name is literal not figurative)at the Badrutt’s Palace and the Greengo at the Gstaad Palace.

  4. Other clubs that must be in your list include:

    – The Empire Hotel Rooftop and Gansevoort Park Rooftop in Midtown, NYC.
    – The Dolphin Night Club in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

  5. Hey All, I noticed that Avenue and Le Bain @ The Standard Hotel NYC are not listed anywhere on here. Anyone planning a trip to New York but visit at least one of these top class venues.

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