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3 hidden Caribbean gems

It’s the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere and time to think about a warm winter escape. If you’re looking at the Caribbean perhaps you’d like to check out these three smaller and less touristy islands. Each boasts beautiful geography. With limited transportation options from major hubs outside of the Caribbean, it might be a little more of a challenge to get to these islands, but that’s part of the allure for more adventurous types. These three haven’t seen anything like the mass tourism of other Caribbean islands so shhh… keep it to yourselves! Eleuthera, Bahamas Slow down in secluded and idyllic Eleuthera, only two miles long. Eleuthera is known for its pink sand beaches and cliffs where the ocean meets the rock. Be sure to check out Lighthouse Beach, at the southernmost point of the islands. In 2010, the islands first national park opened, the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. Culebra, Puerto Rico A 90 minute ferry ride takes you away from Fajardo, on the mainland. Culebra is more rural than its neighbor, Vieques, and it wouldn’t be strange to see a wild horse on the side of the road. The beaches have been names some of the world’s best and all of the innkeepers and restaurant owners seemed to have escaped from somewhere else. Saba The smallest municipality of the Netherlands, Saba is located just south of St. Maarten. Saba has just one sandy beach but makes up for its lack of sandy beaches with beautiful rock formations. The population hovers under 2,000. Go! Before everyone else does.

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