Now there are no excuses... even for the seasoned traveller

It’s another rainy day in New York, London, Madrid. No, probably not Madrid. Two more days of business meetings, heavy dinners and then the long flight home. Home, a place you don’t need to put your life on hold. Home, a place you can cook what you want, and get your body back in shape.

Sound familiar?

For all those hotel gyms, which we never quite make, what you really want is a regular, time efficient workout that fits your day and is there for you whenever and wherever you are. A fitness friend that travels with you, not just keeping you strong and flexible but using your time to improve our strength and flexibility. Why not return home full of energy and strength? Revolutionary thought.

The advent of the app industry has brought that revolutionary thought very much to life, and the launch of a new app, TK Move has set the standard for excellence in quality and professionalism. Available at the AppStore, this is a beautifully produced series of exercise routines focusing on all muscle groups and on core strength and flexibility. TK Move has upped the bar on what you can expect from mobile fitness assists. From abs and waistline to full body workouts and daily stretching, each series is well researched to give you the best chance to make the improvements you want to make. Typically lasting 10-20 minutes, keeping this friend close by and letting her take you through the routines on a regular basis that suits your time and space is a sure recipe for sustained improvement.

The instructor and co-founder of TK Move, Timea Kirwan, has been a trained instructor in Pilates and yoga for a number of years and has used her skill and wealth of knowledge to develop exercise routines well suited to the business traveller, and focused on getting you the highest output from your limited and valuable time of input. Timea is a true believer that just a short time of focused exercise every day can build the core strength and flexibility to help you stay at the top of your game in your business life, and be a great gift both to yourself and to your family on your return to home.

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