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The very best luxury equipment for real wintersports

Passionate about winter sports and can’t imagine life without skiing or snowboarding? Find summer a drag that gets in the way of real holidays? Need to look unique, wearing stuff that’s ‘out-of-the-box’? This luxury winter sport equipment will help you stand out in a crowd. Bling, hi-tech or hip-hop-hero, here’s how to swank it on the slopes! Ultra-luxury skis Sure, they’re for skiing – but they’ve also become a status symbol in their own right. Top of the range skis tick all the boxes: they’re made of high-performance material, by a world famous brand, and stand out for their sheer design quality. Depending on the brand and the material, prices start from €666 and run to €56,000. How much you pay depends on the trimmings, such as
  • whether you have to have an exclusive pair of skis or board
  • whether your equipment is decorated with gems and metals
  • whether it was configured just for you.
Other distinguishing features include 3D structures, male/female design, ultra-lightweight or solid material and so on. These days, you can order anything that takes your fancy – depending on how much cash you have to splash, that is. Famous ski brands: Lacroix – One of the most famous manufacturers of luxury skis. Encrusted with gems and gold, these babies won’t leave you indifferent. Some Lacroix skis look like they were made for a fashion shoot rather than the slopes. A snip at $2,000, Lacroix also offer a leather box to store your priceless skis, which means you’ll still get noticed even when they’re safely tucked out of sight. Volant – Volant provides elegant and flexible skis for professional skiers. Some models include personal tuning by Volant specialists for your skiing style. All these models are unique. They include a personal ID chip that indicates the date of purchase, specialist number and so on. Aston Martin – This manufacturer produces reliable sport cars as well as sports gear. Accessories for deluxe skiers Accessories are vital for completing your look. If you are heading to the ski resort aiming to look stylish and be envied, you’ll need to be up there with the trends and sporting the latest accessories. With global brand companies producing a huge number of outstanding accessories, you don’t have to take to the slopes in your bikini to win hearts. For example, stylish D&G goggles encrusted with Swarovski crystals add loads of glamour to your ski outfit. D&G goggles are set with 2,500 stones and have double lenses, providing you with double comfort while skiing. Choose from 4 different colours (gold, silver, red and blue) to suit your skiwear. Deluxe snowboards When it comes to snowboards, they still come with fewer designs and options than skis. It’s difficult to find unique and luxurious models for sophisticated riders – though you can bet that’s going to change soon. For now, the good news is that you can get a snowboard in any colour and with any illustration on it. Your snowboard can portray your favourite celebs or hip-hop heroes. Depending on the manufacturer, snowboards can include digitized elements, like yeti graphics, anime characters, skulls, black-metal babes, bikini beach babes, windsurfers, waves, animals, cities and much more. They can be grotesque or fancy, black and white or colourful – anything your imagination can create. Lighter, slicker, more stylish, sexier… winter sports equipment design is developing faster than you can say “off piste”. Max Statham is Marketing Director at GlobeLink Travel Insurance. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Stylish accessory for skiers. Awesome goggles plus it has different colors that you can mix and match.

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