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3 luxury Greek itineraries you really should try

Greece is one of the most popular destinations to enjoy the sea, the sun and the unique Summer light. For the rising connoisseur travelers looking for more pure experiences and authentic luxury we recommend the following designed itineraries in some of the popular islands: A private tour of Delos and Rhenia in Mykonos In a 30 minute boat ride from Mykonos, you arrive at the Sacred Island of Delos which is the center of the Cyclades complex and one of the most well known archeological sites in Greece. The island has also his unique place in mythology as is noted to be the birthplace of Apollo, the son of Zeus. According to local tales, it is also the local rocky terrain that emits an energy we all feel the minute we set foot in Mykonos. Walk through the ancient ruins and museums of Delos with a trained guide to get a feel of the area before you return to the boat which will take you to Rhenia, an inhabited island known among sailors for its secluded beaches and coves with green-turquoise waters. Let the crew of the boat prepare your lunch and uncork the chilled wines, while you dive in the crystal clear waters, all alone gazing at the crowds in the Mykonian beaches across the sea. At sunset, sail  back to cosmopolitan Mykonos, with all your senses revived and ready to party! Delos Wine tasting in Santorini The island is a great place for wine lovers and combines tasting of special flavored local wines with one of the most famous sunsets of the world. The explosion of the volcano left behind the soil of the island called “aspa”, a mixture of solidified lava, stones and ash. The aspa defines the vineyards and the texture of the dry and dessert wines “Vinsanto” known for the citrus aromas with some minor smoke elements. Local sommeliers are available to design a private wine touring day through the 10 existing wineries including Gaia Wines, Boutaris, Argyros and Hatzidakis where you find yourself into a memorable experience of wines, food , fun and sightseeing. The locals call such tours, “journeys of the senses” which end up to tailor made romantic sunset dinners or parties for large groups in a handpicked restaurant. At the end of the evening, full of flavors, the private guide and the chauffeur will transfer you back to your hotel or villa. White wine The Armada in Spetses Armada is one of the most popular festivals in the area and takes place during the second week of September ever year, to celebrate the naval battle of 8th September 1821. The week includes a plethora of events from folklore dance performances, street theatrical plays and various art shows in the local galleries. A local guide will ensure your place in the events and plan your week to visit the most sought after shows while reserve a first row place in the main Saturday event at the Spetses port. On Saturday, the celebrations end up with a dramatization of the battle where the port is full of yachts, cruisers and sailing boats, with candles in their deck while a specially built model boat is burnt in the sea. The experience is enhanced by fireworks displays and ends with dinners and parties all over the island. Spetses Armada Maria Nikolakaki is Managing Partner at Beyond Spaces Villas. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Maria Nikolakaki

Maria Nikolakaki is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Beyond Spaces Villas. Beyond Spaces Villas is one of the leading luxury villa specialist in Greece, going beyond finding the perfect Greek Island luxury villa and design a sophisticated and branded villa experience seeped in luxury, exclusivity and bespoke service from start to finish. Prior to her involvement in the luxury hospitality Industry, she spend 20 years in the capital markets in various senior executive positions based in various countries. She has lived in London, New York and Moscow and has travelled extensively to almost 35 countries with a travel attitude of finding the non guides guides.

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  1. Dear Muriel,

    I couldn’t agree more with your comment. Indeed Greece offers such a variety of places to visit and experiences to try. Even we, who live in the country, are constantly surprised with hidden landscapes. Last weekend, I visited a place called Voidomatis… AMAZING!!! Regards,M

  2. A 5 Star resort set in a peninsula full of gorgeous undiscovered long sandy beaches is Costa Navarino – The Dunes and Westin, with a world class golf course.

    This is set in the southmost county of the Peloponnese called Messinia.

    In summer there are flights down from Athens with Aegean. So you are able to go to such luxury hotels as abound in the capital city and enjoy your own personal plunge pool, shared pool and the clear turquoise waters of the Peloponnese at a 5 star hotel visited by Arab royalty and celebrities alike.

    After a life-time of visits, the Peloponnese is still an off the beaten track hidden gem without mass tourism. Being on mainland Greece, with an upgraded motorway giving only up to 3 hour drive down from Athens, it is ideal luxury break on a peninsula full of coastal drives with empty roads to enjoy.

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