Top 5 ultimate sailing adventures on luxury sailboats

For those who like the idea of adventure, thrills and discovery on the high seas but who are reluctant to give up their creature comforts, it’s hard to beat a fully-serviced cruise on a luxury boat. Here are five of the ultimate sailing adventures that will allow you to roam the high seas in style…

Luxury among the pirates

Get lost among the countless islands of South East Asia on a vessel which even James Bond would have approved of. If your idea of luxury is showing off in a port where iron monsters are lined up like cars in a parking lot then this would not be your ideal cruise. But if you want a generous dose of adventure, luxury and freedom with a professional crew taking care of your every whim, then this could be just the ticket.

Sailing vessel

Under the volcano

Say the word ‘Oyster’ to any keen sailor and chances are he won’t be thinking of a delicious seafood entrée but rather the sailboat of his or her dreams. Add the vista of a spectacular volcano erupting every so often behind the candles on your dinner table, and you have attained luxury sailing nirvana. It’s little wonder that Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman fell in love here. Stromboli – Sicily, the island of gods and devils.


Ulysses on a swan

The Swan 65 is probably the best sailboat ever built oozing class, power and elegance. When the first ‘Round the World’ race was organised, she won the event despite not being specifically made for the job. Furnished in abundant teak and velvet, this boat represents sailing purity on the exterior while offering a silky luxury nest inside. Our suggested itinerary with this boat is to follow the wake of Ulysses through the Greek Islands, where it all began.

Sailing boat from above

To the ends of the world with French flair

The sea’s most powerful spell is romance; a romance which, in the mists of time, has gathered round ships and the people who have sailed in them, together with the strange and exciting coasts they’ve discovered and the storms, hardships and battles they’ve had to overcome to reach them. Nowhere is this spirit of sailing discovery better encapsulated than in an adventure to explore Alaska, Antarctica, Patagonia and the Pacific Ocean with a skilled French crew of adventurers.

Sailing Antarctica

Luxury villa on the sea

The charm of a superbly-designed luxury villa is hard to beat; unless the villa is floating on the ocean that is. And if you can move it around freely to explore deserted coves and pristine waters at will, then the luxury villa experience takes on an entirely new dimension. Particularly if you have your own private chef and wine list provided.

Sailing boat interior

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Comments (4)

  1. Roger Weston says:

    Sailing on French Flair would be amazing. Only question; Alaska or Antarctica? Which trip would you choose? Anyone have any feedback on either of those trips?

  2. Matt Tricot says:

    I just love the look of all those sailboats above. I really wouldn’t be able to decide given the choice, every single one of them look absolutely stunning!

  3. Marco says:

    Dear Roger, Antarctica is definitely an important trip that lasts between 25 and 28 days, while Alaska is gentler on your senses, pockets and time allowance ;). I’d start with Alaska, a majestic place. Fair winds. Marco

  4. luca says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your comment, they are all very beautiful indeed. let us know which area you love to sail and we can find out the best boat there for you.


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