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And the most Blue Flag beaches in Italy can be found in…

The region of Liguria in north-west Italy, otherwise known as the ‘Italian Riviera’, has the most Blue Flag beaches of any region in Italy, following two new entries for 2013. The crescent shaped region between the French Riviera and Tuscany now has 20 Blue Flag beaches, allowing it to retain its title of having the most Blue Flag beaches in Italy for the fourth year in a row. Liguria beach Blue Flag status is granted to beaches with high standards of water quality, safety, environmental education and information and good environmental management criteria. New entries for Liguria for 2013 are the Port of La Spezia Mirabello and San Lorenzo al Mare. As well as having high quality beaches, it’s also worth going to Liguria if you are into diving which can be enjoyed there for 10 months of the year. Much of the Ligurian coastline is protected, including the four marine reserves, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Bergeggi Island and the Cetacean Sanctuary, making each dive one to remember with unspoilt crystal clear waters and varied sealife and underwater vegetation. Further details on the marine reserves can be found here. Beginners and expert divers won’t be short on choice of diving locations and trips with 80 diving centres and schools and 45 itineraries. For more information on diving in Liguria, click here.

Paul Johnson

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  1. Went to Liguria a few years ago to Ventimiglia, not the nicest looking town but the beach was indeed beautiful and clean.

  2. I have been to this region and find it beautiful, one of the reasons I think the water is the color it is and I don’t know for sure, is because most of the region is mountainous the water gets deep very fast. From what I know when this happens you get the colors you do. I know where I live in Florida you see the water change color gradually because the water gets deep slowly.

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