Travel hangman

It is with great sadness that we are closing down the Aardvark Travel website this month. Although the site has been around for more than a decade and has been very popular during that time, it also saps up a lot of our time… dealing with spammers and so on and so forth.  We are proud of what we achieved with the site but unfortunately can’t keep investing time in it without reward. The forums alone attracted over 50,000 registered members (admittedly, many may have been spambots!) and around 200,000 posts. Out of all those discussions, there was one that – for some strange reason – did exceptionally well.  Travel hangman.  That thread alone attracted more than 10,000 posts and more than 2.6 million views!  Travel hangman is very simple – it’s like normal hangman, but travel-related. It might be a place, the name of a well-known travel company, something that you do when you travel… anything that’s got something to do with travel. Hangman So, in order not to disappoint our travel hangman regulars, we’re creating this post so that the game can can continue to live on here, despite the closure of the Aardvark Travel site.  To play, all you need to do is add a comment below. (Please note: we have a minimum comment length on here, so you might like to say a little bit than just guessing a letter in order for your comment to get through the system…) Hopefully you might also have a browse of the rest of the site and post a comment or two elsewhere, too. For those that are new to travel hangman, here are the rules: 1. You are allowed up to 12 wrong guesses… a guess could be the suggestion of a letter or the suggestion of the whole thing 2. If you guess a letter or word that’s already been guessed, this WILL count as another life lost… you need to pay attention!!! 3. Once you have guessed, you must wait for someone else to have a guess, before you’re allowed another turn. ie. you can’t have two turns in a row. 4. If someone gets the right answer, it’s then their “go”. If nobody gets the answer by the time 12 wrong guesses are reached, then the originator of the game gets to have another go. To get the ball rolling, I’ll start afresh: _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ As for the picture?  Well, that’s one I took at Warwick Castle last Summer… if you haven’t been, you should! It’s a highly recommended day out.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. Thank You Paul for pampering to the ‘Aardvark regulars’ Hangman addiction

    for those who are new (& we love new players – this is by no means a clique group), be warned it is far more than a game – I’ve been locked in anti-gravity chambers and scared witless by ducks…

    if you want to know more, then you’ll have to join us along the sometimes rocky road to try and save the ‘Little Guy’ from the noose

    I am going to go bravely in with a T please Paul :D

  2. Welcome aboard, Elspeth! And congratulations on making guess number one a correct guess!

    _ _ _ _ _ _ / T _ _ _ _ _

    Wrong guesses: n/a
    Lives left: 12

  3. Welcome, Mar… good to see the travel hangman aficionados gradually making their way here.

    I’m sorry to say, though… no C.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ / T _ _ _ _ _

    Wrong guesses: C
    Lives left: 11

  4. Welcome to travel hangman, Paul… and a great start at that, too! There is one A.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ / T _ A _ _ _

    Wrong guesses: C
    Lives left: 11

  5. Thanks for the coordinates Paul. The new place looks great, and I love the new scaffolding. I found a nice secluded spot for the anti-gravity chamber and the ducks are already out on the pond – BTW, they love all the tall grass.

    I’m going with a L.

  6. This looks like a challenging way to procrastinate over work. Looking forward to meeting all the other souls on here…

    Can I have an S please

  7. Welcome to Patrick, our latest new player…

    Sorry, folks, but no S or M. And no facility to post pics either, I’m afraid, but hopefully that won’t spoil your enjoyment.

    L _ _ _ _ _ / T _ A _ _ L

    Wrong guesses: C, S, M
    Lives left: 9

  8. Hello Paul,

    This look like it’s going to be tricky…. This word limit makes it tricky also

    Can I try an R please

  9. The word limit is kind of essential in order to get meaningful comments on the other posts on the blog, I’m afraid. It stops us from getting a lot of meaningless one liners.

    Well done with the R. There is one.

    L _ _ _ _ _ / T R A _ _ L

    PS – Hello from Lithuania by the way – that’s where I’m posting from at the moment. Lovely country (though not well known for its tourism) and complemented by beautiful weather right now… 34 degrees C!

  10. Therefore, if Ms MacGillivray is onto something… there must be 2 Rs in there somewhere :)

    Can I have an X please?

  11. Patrick A I think you’re on to something.
    Paul I’d like a spell check. You got some splainin’ to do! *wink*

  12. Ooops, yes… you can all have another R. And yes, an X too…

    L U X U R _ / T R A _ _ L

    Wrong guesses: C, S, M
    Lives left: 9

    So, now then… who’s going to guess the full thing and take on the next game? :)

  13. Hi, Paul … if I could only figure out how many words I need to use :( Third attempt at this – if this one doesn’t work, I’ll have to run out into the sea screaming, LOL

    Luxury Travel


  14. “Ooops, yes… you can all have another R” that’s it.

    Paul you tried to lead us down the wrong path and in the first game too – naughty,naughty boy. A penalty will have to accessed.
    My day/turn will come! *maniacal laughter*

  15. DP… you know too well that travel hangman just wouldn’t be the same without the occasion deliberate (*cough*) mishap… ;-)

    Mar… third time lucky. Well done. The honour is all yours for the next game. Take it away… :-)

  16. OK, folks – now that we’ve got to write a wee epistle before we can make a post, it’s gonna stress me out after each guess, so I’ve decided to make an easy one :O

    _ _ _ _


  17. Hmmm, four letters, short and sweet. I’m going to “swing for the fences”. Im guessing ROME right off the bat. *wink*

  18. Hi, DP – I always knew you had a courageous, zany streak. I could even say that I had “considered” using Rome – however, I’m happy to say you’re Wrong, LOL.

    However, to be fair two of the letters are correct so I’ll (force myself to) put them in. :O)

    O M _ _

    Wrong letters, R, E
    Lives left – 10


  19. May I venture an ‘A’?? And may I add some more text so that I can do so…? OK, that’s not enough, I need to add some more….

  20. LOL, Paul – did you guess that I’m running out of time to get ready for all the visitors this summer? I should really be cleaning windows and…… fill in any home renovation blanks that you think would be appropriate!

    Ben, of course there’s an A!

    O M A _

    Wrong letters, R, E
    Lives left – 10


  21. Yes Mar that was indeed generous, believe me when I say I never would have been as ……“fair”.*wink* I will remember your generous interpretation of the rules, as I will remember Paul’s mishap with the R’s in Hangman game #1.

    My guess is OMAN

  22. LOL, ulterior motives, what?! These 4-letter words can be difficult to solve and, with visitors imminent, I didn’t think the hangman game would go well with dusting and vacuuming!

    Over to you DP – have fun :)


  23. NEW GAME

    Welcome Travel Hangman gamers
    This game is full of tricks and traps so be careful and don’t go wandering off alone.
    As always I don’t give clues or grant mercy so don’t ask. *evil laugh*
    You are now part of a paranormal investigation team looking into the strange happenings around the Black Heart Saloon & Emporium.
    Solve the mystery/puzzle and save the “little guy.
    BTW, please feel free to sample some of the saloon’s “demon-ales” -they’re guaranteed potent.

    Black Heart Saloon & Emporium
    Exposed brick walls, flickering lights, and monitors playing the movie “Psycho” on a continuous loop. The attached emporium is one massive room with ripped tapestry and rambling aisles of oddities and curiosities – a shrine to the eerie.
    (Mar just for you I painted a word picture *wink*)

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    (12 lives left)

    All traps active – Have Fun

  24. Hi, DP – didn’t realise you’d been in our “secret room”! We’ve managed to keep it in the family, so to speak :O

    As far as the game’s concerned, I’m just going to have to guess something totally off the wall –




  25. Mar you’re in the Black Heart Saloon seated in a back corner booth across from the bar.
    That seat was the favorite spot of the bar’s owner – when he was alive.
    Looks like it’s still his favorite seat.
    Goodbye Mar
    No Y.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    ( Wrong Guesses Y ) ( 11 lives left )

  26. Paul K you’ve decided to joined the Black Heart’s karaoke contest, you step into the blue spotlight, the music begins and you start to sing–

    “We skipped the light fandango
    Turned cartwheels ‘cross the floor
    I was feeling kinda seasick
    But the crowd called out for more…”

    The crowd erupts in thunderous applause.
    Looks like you’re a hit Paul K, for now anyway. *mischievous laugh*
    There is one A.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ A
    ( Wrong Guesses Y ) ( 11 lives left )

  27. o-oh…. DP at the helm :o

    I shall put your poetical prowess to the test with a ‘T’ I think DP :p

    (and now I shall add some text to get the message to submit!)

  28. And then an S from me.

    By the way, when I get a moment, I will look into paginating the comments just so they are a bit easier to manage… ;)

  29. Elspeth you’re walking down one of the Black Heart’s very dark hallways, your only source of light is coming from a crack beneath a doorway. You open the door and see your old friends, the three one-eyed witches – “Have Broom Will Travel”.
    Maybe this time you’ll be able to avoid their deadly glare
    *swish swish….CLUNK*
    Oh Elspeth, new surrounding, same old story – Elspeth you’re really going to have to learn how to duck
    There is no T.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ A
    ( Wrong Guesses Y, T ) ((10 lives left)

  30. Paul you’re in the Black Heart’s attic *a haunting melody begins to play*
    In the middle of the room you see three ducks, yeah Paul, three killer ducks just sitting there staring at you.
    You stand there frozen with fear, heart pounding, your mind recalling that ‘mishap’ with the R’s in the first Hangman game.
    To paraphrase an old saying “your ducks have come home to roost”
    It’s time to pay the piper.

    *music grows louder – There is a house in New Orleans……..Oh mother tell your children not to do what I have done……….*

    *screams, moans and groans, the sound of a body being dragged across the floor*

    Goodbye Paul, your demise will serve as a lesson to others –
    Travel Hangman Game “mishaps“, such as the one you made in Hangman Game #1, have their consequences *evil laugh- mwaahaahaa!*
    There is no S.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ A
    (Wrong Guesses Y, T, S ) ( 9 lives left )

  31. DP you know there is nothing I like more than travelling with those witches on brooms!!

    They’ve given me a hint that I need to turn to try a Lucky L …. please :D

  32. Elspeth you’re seated at the Black Heart’s bar and see the apparition of a women float across the room and pass through the wall.
    Fortunately this ghost isn’t particularly interested in you, just the bar‘s demon-ales – LUCKY you, drink up.
    There is one L.

    _ _ L _ _ _ A
    ( Wrong Guesses Y, T, S ) (9 lives left)

  33. Paul you’re still in the Black Heart’s attic and looking worse for wear, but with flashlight in hand you search for a way out. You come upon a door and try to force it open.
    You tug and pull at the door and finally manage to wedge it open a tiny crack –
    shining your flashlight into the darkness you see a …………….scared contorted face
    *Paul slumps to the floor*
    Goodbye Paul, too bad you didn’t realize that face was your own mirrored reflection *mischievous laugh*
    No N.

    _ _ L _ _ _ A
    ( Wrong Guesses Y, T, S, N ) ( 8 lives left )

  34. Mar you’re seated at a table in the Black Heart‘s bar. A hooded figure approaches and pulls up a chair.
    The mysterious figure tells you that you are on the cusp of developing your psychic abilities.
    Looks like he was right, you’ve contacted the spirit world; although you did it the old fashion way – in person.
    Goodbye Mar
    No R

    _ _ L _ _ _ A
    ( Wrong Guesses Y, T, S, N, R ) ( 7 lives left )

  35. Elspeth you’re seated at the Black Heart’s bar. The bartender offer you the following wager – move an olive from one coaster to another without touching it, without skewering it, or letting it touch the table. (sounds difficult)
    Since the payoff is free drinks you eagerly accept.
    You place a brandy snifter over the olive, then quickly move the glass in a circular motion letting centripetal force pull the olive up into the glass. And with a flip of your wrist you put the glass down on the other coaster TA-DA!
    Free drinks for everybody!
    Elspeth seems your time with the witches was well spent.
    Well done, there is one V

    _ _ L _ V _ A
    ( Wrong Guesses Y, T, S, N, R ) ( 7 lives left )

  36. Paul you’ve finally made it out of the attic and are now in the Black Heart’s emporium.
    On a dusty shelf you spot a strange glass orb. You touch it and it emits a bright glowing light.
    You know Paul, I believe you’ve discovered the light at the end of the tunnel.
    There is one B.

    B _ L _ V _ A

    (Wrong Guesses Y, T, S, N, R ) ( 7 lives left )

  37. The witches chanted:

    Fillet of a fenny snake,
    In the caldron boil and bake;
    Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
    Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
    Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
    Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing,—
    For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

    & then the Magic hiss

    B O L I V I A

  38. *singing* “woooo hoooo, witchy woman, she got the moon in her eyes”

    Well done!
    Congratulations Elspeth

    BOLIVIA it is.

  39. Now I know that I’m getting old, it took me a few minutes to remember where I had chosen!!

    But sadly Mar, now I’ve recollected – no B

    I see from your FB page that your pavement is now complete – hope you’ve not been trying any of those handflips yourself!!

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    (wrong shouts: B)

  40. Er, Elspeth – the pavement’s sort of complete – it’s a long way off being finished :O …. the corner that’s been done just happens to be outside our shop; the rest of the street is still in a stir – and then there’s the rest of the town to do …. on the bright side, we were first into the maelstrom so we’re first out of it.

    It’s all going to look great when it’s done :)


    ps – I did think about borrowing DP’s ducks but thought better of it!

  41. Hmmm a vague clue and talk of fresh pavement, Elspeth is the “little guy” alright, have you gone and done something rash?

    And Mar your decision not to ask the ducks for help – wise move. The ducks are excellent workers (even with webbed feet) but they’re easily distracted; trust me if somebody comes by with a piece of bread, the ducks are out the door. *wink*

    I’m going with an R.

  42. Mar I think you did well to leave DP’s ducks alone too – they can make a frightful mess when agitated ;)

    Rash, moi? DP!

    as the first correct guess in this game I shall award you just 1 R…….hope it is going where you wanted it!

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R _

    (wrong shouts B)

  43. Mar a brave try – but unfortunately no W :/

    I shall think of another clue – apparently my friend, who went here recently, said the Sat Nav was hopeless and led them up ridiculously small mountain roads……

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R _

    (wrong shouts : B W)

  44. I sit in despair as
    fleeting thoughts ravage my mind
    knowing there is no mending
    for this my tortured soul.
    There is no peace that I can find.
    I can’t sleep, nor can I eat.
    My spirit, despondent beyond repair
    torments my mind. Feeling obsolete,
    I sit on a bed of discouragement
    with head in hands and weeping.
    Demons, bleak remind me that no-one
    remembers that I am here
    That my release depends upon a simple GUESS…

  45. Wow, somebody needs a happy meal!
    *Singing* “always look on the bright side of life” *whistle*

    I’ll try an S.

  46. Some things in life are bad
    They can really make you mad
    Other things just make you swear and curse
    Like a Guess that S would make an appearance in this word….
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle ….

    No S:

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R _

    (wrong shouts : B W S)

  47. With a little faith and a little hope
    We’ll find some peace and a way to cope
    Thanks in part to someone who cared
    Who was willing to give and willing to share a ‘T’

    Mar the Little Guy Thanks You!

    _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ R _

    (wrong shouts : B W S)

  48. Sometimes it seems

    That all is lost

    And every day is grey,

    That everything you dreamed about

    Has sneered and turned away,

    That up ahead


    Is blocking out your view,

    Confusing your direction,

    Just can’t see your way through,

    But even when

    A dream has died

    Another one can bloom,

    Like seeds that spring

    From deadened grass,

    A songbird’s brand new tune,

    So even though the A is cast and fell on stony ground

    I keep for ever hopeful for the next guess in this round……

    NO A :(

    wrong shouts:

    _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ R _

    (wrong shouts : B W S)

  49. Cloud nine gets all the publicity, but cloud eight actually is cheaper, less crowded, and has a better view- back from cloud eight. *smiles*

    I’m going with a M

  50. Clouds come floating into my life

    No longer to carry rain or usher storm

    But to add the Initial letter to my


    One M :D

    M _ _ T _ _ _ _ R _

    (wrong shouts: A B W S)

  51. i’ll try a

    Dum de dum, tralaa laaaaaaaleee

    Oh what fun to make this work
    I obviously need a lot more luck

  52. Dear Mar

    You are indeed blessed with luck

    The drum roll is all yours

    And when on days you really don’t know what to do

    May lady luck keep shinning up bright above you

    M _ _ T _ _ _ G R _

    (wrong shouts: A B W S)

  53. It’s difficult to stop though,
    When the target is the sky;
    And when it’s your own business,
    You’re bound to reach up high!

    The Little Guy appreciates your guess of U
    But sadly its not going to help him get out to see the view….

    No U :(

    M _ _ T _ _ _ G R _

    (wrong shouts: A B W S U)

  54. In answer to your plea-
    I don’t have a clue, not a glimmer of an idea. But I’ll try an N, mainly because it would look quite nice next to the T.

  55. Failure is an attitude that haunts the mind of man

    But results will be successful for the one who knows he can….

    you are rewarded with 2 N’s DP :D

    M _ N T _ N _ G R _

    (wrong shouts: A B W S U)

  56. Cease, Man, to mourn, to weep, to wail;

    enjoy thy shining hour of sun;

    We dance along Death’s icy brink,

    but is the dance less full of fun?

    ……anymore guesses out there?

  57. Dear me – I haven’t been here in a while and I’m sorry to see that Elspeth’s been abandoned … lost in the wilderness, you might say :(

    OK, Elspeth – I believe I know the answer, LOL



  58. Mar never was the Little Guy, happier to see a fellow friend

    He knew you wouldn’t desert him and you’d be here at the end!

    Montenegro is indeed the word that will set him free

    Let’s hope this next game is not just between Yourself and Me!!

  59. On the other hand, Elspeth, it will still be a taxing game, keeping brains active and thought processes tested :)

    It might help, of course, if we could persuade Paul to paginate the comments, so that the weary travel hangman didn’t have to scroll down through so many posts :O Pretty please, Paul!

    OK, on to the next game – I wonder where I should take you today??

    Oh, I know – another short game, LOL

    _ _ _ _ _

    Have fun, my lovelies.


  60. Following his FB page I think Paul is in Khatmandu at the moment, but hopefully he will be back onto Hangman soon and hear our plea!

    So sad we can’t upload photos too :) although can we as it says here – if you want to show a picture go get a Gravatar – will look into that…

    but first things first

    I shall go with a Lucky L please Mar :)

  61. Sorry, Elspeth – the guess is wrong, this time there’s no lucky L

    _ _ _ _ _

    Wrong letter – L
    Guesses left – 11


    ps – we need to recruit …. not going to be easy running a Travel Hangman with the current rules if there’s just two of us, LOL

  62. we do indeed Mar!

    saw your note on Aardvark and have put out similar on Twitter

    Please do join us for some trivia travel fun here on Travel Hangman – all guesses welcome ;)

  63. This is getting really tricky
    I thought I’d better write a ditty
    To let you folks know we’re still here
    but running out of our good cheer

    Please come and rescue Elspeth and me
    We’re sick fed up of drinking tea
    We need some action in this game
    Travel Hangman always keeps us sane :O)

    _ _ _ _ _

    Wrong letter – L
    Guesses left – 11


  64. Hi there… I am back from Nepal and India and will go for an A.

    Will look at pagination some time but right now I’ve got bucket loads I need to catch up on…

  65. Hi, Paul – great to see someone rescuing us from the quicksands :) – Elspeth and I were at risk of sinking without trace, LOL

    _ A _ _ A

    Wrong letter – L
    Guesses left – 11

    Spookily you seem to have acquired some special powers in India and Nepal, so your guess of an A is correct.


  66. I know that you said this would be a quick game Margaret – but you may not have counted on my poor attempts…

    Anyway here goes – can I have an ‘N’ please??

  67. Hi, Paul – nice to see you here but, I just love these self-fulfilling prophecies, LOL

    _ A _ _ A

    Wrong letter – L, N
    Guesses left – 10

    Looking forward to the next guess ;-)


  68. Yeah new blood! Great to see you here Paul – & looking forward to your India/Nepal blogs Paul J : not been to that neck of the world for +20yrs!

    I am feeling very refreshed from my mini-break to the UK and have now returned to a very humid Middle East … but I digress we have the Little Guy to save…

    I shall boldly try a T please Mar :)

  69. Hi, Elspeth – well, there you go, just as I am about to head south for a day or two and thinking of inviting you for a coffee, you whizz off somewhere inaccessible (to me at least!)


    OK, you’re wrong (I had a wee flash of a DP moment just then :O ….)

    _ A _ _ A

    Wrong letter – L, N, T
    Guesses left – 9

    Anyway, enjoy your time in the Middle East – when does the humidity usually drop to comfortable levels??


  70. Humidity thankfully fine today! What a shame would have loved to have met up – one day! I do sometimes cross the border up into your lovely country too!!

    So here I am sitting on my hands waiting for someone else to make a guess before I can have another stab at it……

  71. Well I’m back from my New Orleans adventure, and I have to say, a swamp tour where your boat is surrounded by hungry alligators isn’t as relaxing as you might think.

    I’ll try an M.

  72. Now, that sounds like a real DP moment :O) …. swamps, alligators, murky water, mosquitos, the odd jazz band playing mood music in the background – and just in time for Halloween. I guess I always thought about you like this, LOL

    Sorry, your guess is wrong

    _ A _ _ A

    Wrong letter – L, N, T, M
    Guesses left – 8

    You obviously need something soothingly alcoholic to revive your spirits :)


  73. Just to let you know, we have a degree of pagination on the comments now. There should be just the last 50 comments showing on the page, I think, with the default going to the latest comments. You can still access the earlier comments as well, though, by following the ‘Older comments’ link.

    And, since I’m here, I’ll guess an S. :)

  74. :) – thanks, Paul – appreciate the pagination

    Unfortunately, no good deed goes…..

    Sorry, No S

    _ A _ _ A

    Wrong letter – L, N, T, M, S
    Guesses left – 7

    Now feeling guilty,

  75. Great – Thanks Paul!

    DP you do cook up a story – as if you were being terrorized by aligators – we know you of old this was a training programme for your killer ducks was it not?

    I have absolutely no idea where this one is going but shall take my chances with a P :)

  76. LOL – training programme for the killer ducks. ROFL. Definitely gonna make sure that DP’s mildly sedated if and when Paul gets his Icelandic adventure organised for us :)

    DP – are you on google+ …. we’re forming an exclusive club with the other Travel Hangmen/women …. you’re invited and you gotta bring the killer ducks!

    Sorry, Elspeth – no P

    _ A _ _ A

    Wrong letter – L, N, T, M, S, P
    Guesses left – 6


  77. “DP you do cook up a story – as if you were being terrorized by aligators – we know you of old this was a training programme for your killer ducks was it not?”

    Great reading between the lines there Elspeth, I was doing field training for my rookie recruits. And yes there were some feathers ruffled during training but all my rookies survived. *wink*

    Mar I have no idea, going with an R

    And Mar – No I’m not on Goggle+, well I don’t know, maybe. What is Google+ ?

  78. Hi, DP – well, you’ve sort of cracked it tonight :)

    _ A R R A

    Wrong letter – L, N, T, M, S, P
    Guesses left – 6

    Google+ is another way to build circles of friends … there’s more to it than that, so I’ll leave the rest of the description for another night!


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