Photograph of the week: Sunset over Temburong National Park, Brunei

Ulu Temburong National Park is the first national park in Brunei that gained the status as one of the most famous protected rainforests in Asia. The national park is located in Batu Apoi Forest Reserve within the Temburong district and is famous for its natural wonders and beautiful scenery. The Temburong River is the best spot within the park for sunset viewing.

Temburong National Park, Brunei

Thank you to Simon Lee of for permission to re-produce the image.

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Comments (4)

  1. No doubt that Asia has the best attractions in the world and Temburong National Park, Brunei is one of them, thank you for sharing this photograph. It’s inspiring.

  2. Hillary says:

    What a stunning photo. You’ve now got me thinking about adding Brunei and Borneo to the itinerary! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anna Goodwin says:

    No wonders far east have a lot to offer to tourists and you will like to take pictures almost everywhere. The picture is great, keep it up!!

  4. Stella Pike says:

    Absolutely heart touching nature photo. As i am also fond of these kind of natural scene activity i found this picture more and more beautiful. One more thing i would like to include is that, This photo also showing how Brunei is fertile with gold and nature.

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