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Top 5 private safari guides

There are many fantastic safari guides in Africa – we always hand pick our guides based on everything from personality to knowledge, after all it is a holiday and you have to have fun, as well as travelling with an expert who really knows about Africa and it’s wildlife. Here are five (to name but a few) of Africa’s best safari guides. They might set you back a little, but their knowledge of the bush is unrivalled and it will truly be a once in a lifetime experience: Richard Roberts – Kenya Richard Roberts is as famous for his unrivalled knowledge of the bush, as he is for his sense of humour. Safaris with him are always full of plenty of laughs, and along the way you learn, learn and learn – never really realizing just how much you’ve taken in. He is incredibly passionate about his homeland, Kenya, and was in fact raised in the Masai Mara. Richard can either guide your own safari, which will be planned with you or you can visit his either of his luxury camps – Richard’s Forest Camp or Richard’s River Camp, in the Masai Mara. His passion for the bush is inspiring and his sense of humour inviting. Richard Roberts Shaddy – Zambia Shaddy is always there with a welcome smile and is one of the most experienced safari guides in Zambia. He is now based at Kapani and worked with Norman Carr himself at Chinzimbo. Shaddy is one of the most knowledgeable private guides in Africa and is even on the board of SLNP Guide’s Exams. Shaddy knows his homeland of Zambia better than anyone and no part of this remote land is beyond his knowledge. Richard Knocker – Tanzania Richard Knocker was born and raised in Kenya and has spent his life on safari (we’re jealous) – the only time he was off the continent was a short stint teaching English to school children in Turkey. Apart from being almost constantly in the bush he was part of the team of Tanzania’s top guides who started Nomad Safari Guides, now widely acknowledged to be the best private guiding company in Tanzania, also boasting some of Tanzania’s top safari camps and lodges. Richard is passionate about wildlife and conserving it, and safaris with him are off the beaten track and exclusive. Ralph Bousfield – Botswana Ralph Bousfield is perhaps Africa’s most famous guide – he is the fourth generation of his family to be from Botswana and his father, Jack, was one of the most famous white hunters turned conservationists there ever was. Like all of our other guides, when you have been brought up in the bush, your understanding of it is so much more than one can learn from a book – Ralph certainly knows how to pass this knowledge onto his guests and is charismatic and charming. Ralph can guide anywhere, but his camps (San Camp or Jack’s Camp) in the Makgadikgadi Pans are also a must, if you want a truly unique experience, staying in one of Africa’s most extraordinary locations. Ralph’s mobile safaris in the Okavango are also the best luxury mobile safari operation in Africa, there are experiences along the mobile safari route which are the stuff of dreams – we’ll keep quiet about those so you can experience the surprises for yourself. Ralph Bousfield Super – Botswana Super is a great character and has spent all of his thirty years in the bush in Botswana. He has worked with the Bousfield family since he was very young and his engulfing hugs and great sense of humour make him a very popular member of the team, not to mention his unrivalled knowledge of Makgadikgadi and the unique ecosystem there. His tracking skills are renowned and they say he has better eyesight than an eagle. Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of Africa Rose Travel Ltd. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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