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3 unusual restaurants you have to experience in London

London is packed with restaurants and there are so many culinary delights to sample, but these three restaurants are on another level entirely – you’ll realise this from the moment you walk in.  If you are visiting London, or you are already a resident, here are three dining experiences that will blow your mind… Shaka Zulu From the very moment you enter Shaka Zulu, you are transported into a world you never knew existed – one that you never want to leave!  The interior of the restaurant is stunning and spread out beautifully across several levels.  The lighting, the grandness and the layout all adds to the exuberance of this delightful experience.  The cuisine is South African, so you will find a lot of game on the menu.  Whatever you choose is likely to excite your taste buds.  The cocktails look impressive and taste divine!  Located in Camden, Shaka Zulu is impressive in every way – the ambience, the service, the food.  There is also a bar on one of the upper levels that is popular at weekends. Shaka Zulu Elysee Set on a quiet street not far from Tottenham Court Road, Elysee is a Greek restaurant with a menu that will make your mouth water. The Greek specialities selection is a great way to start but be sure to leave some room for the main and desert (it will take a fair bit of will power). The interior of the restaurant is classic and luxurious; the service is upbeat and often delivered with a touch of humour.  If you plan to eat around 9pm or later you will get an interesting variety of entertainment, from Greek singers and dancers to plate smashing that diners are encouraged to participate it. Elysee Hakkasan Hakkasan is the ultimate in extravagance, spanning across two floors Hakkasan is a popular choice and booking is highly recommended.  Some of the high end menu items need to be ordered in advance.  Set in Mayfair, Hakkasan is a Michelin star restaurant offering a delight of modern Cantonese cuisine.  The menu offers an interesting selection of dishes many of which are flamboyantly presented – to the extent that you don’t want to destroy the creative presentation by eating your meal.  With dim lighting the décor is simple but chic making this a unique place for business, romance or sheer indulgence. Hakkasan Andrea Crome is Marketing Manager at WorldSIM. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I would strongly advise against anyone visiting Shaka Zulu and I am amazed that your website is recommending your readers to eat there. A good friend of mine used to work there and he could not leave fast enough.

    Hakkasan is how a restaurant should be run and this is one place I would suggest people visit for delicious dim sum and amazing cocktails.

  2. Robert I’ve only heard good things about Shaka Zulu and have been looking forward to visiting one day, did your friend say why it should be avoided?

    I agree Hakkasan Mayfair looks amazing and would love to have my birthday party there

  3. Hey this is a great article Andrea! I always marvel at the bustling nightlife over there when I am conducting my business. Its great to see stories like this that highlight our restaurant treasures which surround us! Nice touch!!

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