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Adventuring in Morocco: an alternative holiday for the open-minded

With the Sahara’s dunes stretching for miles on end and some of the best surf waves in the world, Morocco is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for thrill seekers. Varying terrains and climates across the country offer a plethora of activities for any kind of traveller; whether you prefer a 2-week cycling trek or one-off kite surf there is something for everyone. Morocco is particularly well known for a few activities that one certainly shouldn’t miss out on if taking a trip to Africa’s epicentre of culture and adventure. Quad bike through the Sahara Perfect for that one day you leave the hotel, quad biking in the Sahara should not be missed and is one of the most common activities undertaken by thrill-seeking holiday makers. Taking up only half a day of your itinerary and suitable all year round, quad biking is an incredible way to experience the vast landscape of the Moroccan Sahara Desert. At a relatively low price, you will receive full training and have time to familiarise yourself with the bikes before trekking across the dunes, making a great activity to ease you in to the slightly more adventurous challenges that Morocco has to offer. Quad biking Kite surf in Essaouira Known as the wind capital of Africa, Essaouira is world renowned for kite surfing and even hosts the annual Kiteboard World Cup. The town is situated on 4km of beach creating gentle waves, great for inexperienced surfers. Further down towards the bay, waves can reach 2.5 metres and are perfect for the more experienced thrill-seekers. Combining paragliding and windsurfing, kitesurfing is rapidly becoming a more popular watersport and is incredibly easy to learn. A number of courses are offered for all levels in the town of Essaouira making for an exhilarating and thrilling water experience. Rock climb the Todgha Gorge A canyon, situated in the Eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains, Todgha Gorge boasts vertical walls up to 160 metres high with a 10-metre gap creating a perfect rock climbing location. The gorge offers hundreds of climbing routes on solid limestone spreading across varying difficulties. Although intimidating at first sight, Todgha Gorge is a great location for beginners with stunning views and blue skies throughout the year. Don’t be fooled though; the French Sport Grade is used to define different levels with some climbs on the gorge seeing highs of Grade 8s. Before you undertake any of the climbing routes, it is advisable that you are aware of your climbing ability and use a conversion chart to determine your grade prior to undertaking the vast faces of Todgha Gorge. Mountain bike through the High Atlas Mountains With the ideal infrastructure and awesome scenery, the High Atlas Mountains make for the perfect biking location. A physically challenging and mentally exhilarating experience is guaranteed on any trekking tour, as is a breath-taking view across the Atlas. Most routes will experience the rugged flat-topped peaks home to the nomadic Berber villages as well as less technical rides through winding valleys towards the coast. Treks can be undertaken as a package tour with varying difficulties to select from. Package Cycling tours are not for the faint-hearted and a good level of biking fitness is always recommend however 4x4s will always accompany trips should you want to take a breather and enjoy the view. Atlas Mountains Surf the waves in Taghazoute The West Coast of Morocco is a surfer’s dream destination, particularly in the region of Taghazoute. Boasting a multi-faceted coastline, surfers of all abilities can benefit from the range of waves from the novice to the absolute expert. April to October are common for light waves, perfect for leisurely fun surf with the Winter months seeing peak waves attracting the more experienced serious surfer. With 300 days of sunshine and average temperature of 21 degrees from November through to February and water temperatures of around 18 degrees, ideal surfing climate, creating a top destination for surfers year round. Daniel Abrahams is Co-founder and CEO of MyTravelMoney.co.uk. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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