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Al Maha, Dubai

6 of the sexiest tented camps outside southern Africa

The rugged wilderness has always been a natural calling to mankind – after all, mankind was shaped by it before by inventing agriculture, creating colonies and discovering civilisation. But the adventurer has found a way to escape the chaos of cities and going back to mankind’s roots by roughing it out and camping in nature. […]

5 of the world's most unique, romantic luxury hotels

5 of the world’s most unique, romantic luxury hotels

Be the new romantic. No more do you need to check into a luxury hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower or travel to Agra to prove your love, Venice and Hawaii are gorgeous, but there are destinations that are beyond. Romance like an A lister, leading tech influencer or… ex President and allow […]

Craftsman in Fez, Morocco

5 travel experiences you didn’t know existed

Much of the joy of travel stems from experiencing something new, stumbling upon the unexpected and seeing a place in a new light. While seeing iconic sites is all part of your journey, the best memories often come from trying things that are out of the ordinary. Here, we’ve listed five experiences that you may […]

Our top 10 sunset hotspots in the world

Our top 10 sunset hotspots in the world

For me it is quite amazing to think wherever you are in the world you are witnessing the same burning sun dip below the horizon. Yet the same sun setting each day offers a unique moment, special to you. Sunset is one of my favourite times of the day – a moment to reflect on […]

Top 6 places to discover in Morocco beyond Marrakesh

Top 6 places to discover in Morocco beyond Marrakesh

Marrakesh has become a popular destination for those seeking a long weekend exploring a different culture, taste new foods and bartering for leather bags and lanterns in the souqs. However, away from this whirlwind city, there’s a calmer side to Morocco. Explore the fabled narrow streets of Fez’s medina, tuck into freshly caught fish around […]

Tranquility Bay Resort, Ambergris Caye

10 things to learn while you travel

Experiential travel is the best kind – and what better way to get under a destination’s skin than by learning a new skill under the guidance of local experts? From cooking and dancing to surfing and diving, via a multitude of handicrafts, here are some suggestions for educational, practical activities to try out on your […]

The foothills of Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Top 6 family travel destinations for October half-term

As the nights begin to draw in and the temperatures start to fall, it’s tempting to get away with your family for a change of scene. October half-term is the last chance in the school holidays calendar to make tracks before Christmas. You don’t always have to choose the most obvious destinations. These six family […]

Wellness breaks - top 3 choices for a luxury spa experience

Wellness breaks – top 3 choices for a luxury spa experience

Looking after ourselves isn’t often easy with the pressures of every-day life, so it’s not surprising that many view their one-two week holiday as a chance for some well- deserved R&R! Hotels and resorts have not only vastly improved their offering over the years from the standard swimming pool to now, a much more holistic […]

5 amazing luxury villas to visit in 2016

5 amazing luxury villas to visit in 2016

Villa holidays are the ideal choice for family getaways, providing a winning combination of privacy and independence whilst offering the high standards of service and convenience you’d expect from a luxury hotel. Ideal for large multi-generational families, groups of friends or a celebration getaway, the design of luxury villas nowadays caters for everyone in the […]

Elephant Hills Tented Camp

8 great places to travel responsibly

Responsible travel is about directly benefitting the communities you visit whenever possible through sustainable travel, environmental protection and social projects. Here are just a few responsible travel suggestions you can include as part of a trip to the destinations in question. 1. Elephant Hills Tented Camp, Thailand One of the highlights of many peoples’ visits […]

6 of the world's most unique hotel gyms

6 of the world’s most unique hotel gyms

When it comes to staying in shape on a luxury getaway it can be difficult to muster up the motivation to keep the pounds off, what with the room service lobster, champagne by the bottle and the body-hugging king size bed that seductively whispers “never leave.” In fact, we’ve been conditioned to roll our eyes […]

Living the high life in the High Atlas

Living the high life in the High Atlas

Morocco is a fabulous destination for luxury travellers but, as with all other destinations, is best enjoyed with a theme in mind. Many opt for the towns of the north with their dense souks (open-air markets) where a heady mix of trades vie for local custom, but our recommendation is to head further south, up […]

15 of my favourite photos from my travels in 2015

15 of my favourite photos from my travels in 2015

2015 was another year filled with interesting opportunities and visits to far-flung places around the world, including trips to Japan, Singapore, UAE and the Maldives, as well as many much closer to home, including several trips around the UK. My photography continues to need some fine tuning (I will be going on a course in […]

4 alternatives to Marrakech in Morocco

4 alternatives to Marrakech in Morocco

Don’t get us wrong, we love the winding alleyways and bustling souks of Marrakech, but we also know that there is so much more to Morocco than this one city. Whether you’re looking for ancient walkways, a secluded wilderness or a bit of beach relaxation, this country really does tick all the boxes. Whilst the majority […]

Ice Q, Solden, Austria

Where to see the 5 most glamorous locations in Spectre

Glamorous locations pepper the new James Bond movie, Spectre, like bullets from 007’s Walther PPK. But these breathtaking places aren’t guarded secrets and you don’t have to be licensed to kill to visit them. There’s no need to worry, either, that in travelling like Bond you will be plagued by evil villains – you will […]

16 beauty experiences from around the world

16 beauty experiences from around the world

When traveling, make your days even more beautiful by experiencing beauty treatments based on ingredients and rituals native to the country you’re visiting. From Tahiti to Tulum and from Bali to Morocco, here are the 16 of the best beauty experiences you’re likely to find anywhere in the world! 1. Evian-les-Bains – hydrotherapy You know […]

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