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5 luxurious spas across Marrakech

Combining traditional Moroccan heritage with contemporary European beauty techniques, Marrakech is home to some of the most advanced and luxurious spa treatments in the world. With a blend of age-old wisdom, innovative ingredients and well honed expertise, all set amongst the breath-taking surrounds of the city’s beautiful architecture, the luxury spas of Marrakech offer guests the perfect place to get away from the stresses of the everyday world, to emerge spiritually and physically revived and restored. Mamounia For a truly indulgent pamper experience, the Mamounia spa is hard to beat. The spacious 27,000 square foot area is kitted out with cutting edge beauty treatments to offer a menu of cosmetic wonders that is as expansive as the physical space itself. Partnered up with Japanese beauty experts Shiseido and French luxury line, La Ric, the spa’s take on treatments is decidedly modern. A team of trained masseuses is on hand to melt away knots and strains under their expert touch, while the in-house Beauty Salon will transform guests into red-carpet worthy stars for a big night out. A focus on natural ingredients and a soothing, gentle experience ensures that this is a spa you will want to return to, time and time again. Les Bains de Marrakech For the principle founder of Les Bains, the traditional Moroccan hammam played an enormous influence in the creation of a modern local spa, and Les Bains de Marrakech was developed with the friendliness, sociability and convivial spirit of an authentic hammam, combined with the decadent luxury of a contemporary spa. To bring it up to modern tastes, the spa combines professional treatments and the finest skincare products to result in an experience that is refreshing and memorable. Couples can enjoy private duo massages, while groups of families or friends can relax in an intimate and private bath area, sheltered from the intrusion of the world. Les Bains de Marrakech Heritage Spa Hidden in the heart of the Medina, the Heritage Spa is an oasis buried within the dusty streets, and offers an idyllic refuge from the hectic pace and noise of the crowded bazaars. Dedicated to ‘the art of wellness’, the spa offers a restorative place to recuperate and relax, before heading out to the world again. While luxury cosmetic brands are no stranger to the spa’s treatment menu, the Heritage focuses on highly refined natural ingredients, that promote wellness and beauty from within as well as without. Natural plant extracts, fragrant oils and unctuous creams form the essential tools of the spa’s signature deep massages and facial treatments. Ksar Char Bagh As one of the top rated hotels in the world, it goes without saying that the spa experience here is unparalleled. Set amongst fragrant groves of fig and olive trees and lit up by the beautiful architecture, the spa creates a soothing atmosphere from the moment you enter the premises. Ksar Char Bagh Once within, you are transported to a majestic refuge, designed to relax and calm your every sense. Live Arabic music, incense and candlelight are used to create a deeply mystical atmosphere that will soothe the mind, while a combination of rigorous scrubs and oil-drenched massages restore energy and life back to the body. Pearl Spa Set amongst the contemporary luxury of the 5 star Delano Marrakech hotel, the Pearl Spa is less concerned with faithfulness to tradition, than it is with providing a superlative pamper experience for the modern traveller. The contemporary design of the 20,000 foot space blends clever lighting with sleek and seductive furnishing, to create an environment you will want to surrender to, immediately. The spa offers state of the art treatments to relax body and mind, including a private Jacuzzi, sauna and massage chamber, along with a contemporary hammam, and even a cutting edge fitness suite and studio, for those who do not want to lose their fitness edge while travelling. Stéphane Abtan is Director at Dar Ayniwen. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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