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10 top tips for getting tickets to see Real Madrid

If you’ve ever fancied watching the skills of the world’s most expensive player, Gareth Bale, or the highest paid player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, then Madrid is the place to go. Real Madrid is littered with stars and the Bernabéu stadium is the second largest stadium in Spain, capable of holding more than 85,000 people. Despite this capacity, tickets are not always easy to come by.
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If you are visiting Madrid and want to watch Real play, here are some top tips: 1. Try calling (+34) 902-324-324 and request an English-speaking operator. If there are tickets left, you may be able to pay for them over the phone with a credit card and collect them at the stadium’s Taquilla 14 (Gate 14) on the day of the game. 2. Buy tickets online from Real Madrid’s own website, rather than through an agent where you could end up paying more or, worse still, being scammed. 3. If you’d like special seats, hospitality and a guided tour of the Bernabéu, then book the VIP package that includes hospitality facilities, special seats and a guided tour of the Bernabeu’s sports facilities. 4. Look at the fixtures on the Real Madrid website to check whether they’ll be playing at home at the time of your visit. 5. Note that the exact date and time of a game is not usually known until about 5 days before the fixture. 6. Your tickets are usually delivered about one or two days before the fixture so make sure you give an appropriate delivery address. 7. Expect to pay anything from 40 euros upwards for a ticket. In general, the more you pay, then the better the seat. Prices can also go up for big games (eg. against rivals Barcelona). 8. Tickets can also sometimes be purchased from the ticket office at the stadium the day before, but don’t rely on getting them by this method for big matches. 9. Don’t be tempted by ticket touts. The tickets are often fakes. 10. If you still have no luck, don’t forget about Madrid’s other team, Atlético Madrid. They also have some great players, including the likes of Brazilian footballer Diego Costa. For more on Madrid, see the inspirational Bloggin’ Madrid website.

Paul Johnson

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  1. Hi Paul, this tips are very helpful.
    I also recommend to get tickets from a travel advisor in the city that can provide you a food route around the Bernabeu stadium after or before the match, and also can give you the oportunity to go with a Real Madrid Football advisor to not skip any detail from the match.
    These agencies can provide a private transportation to get to the stadium and go back to the hotel.

  2. Thank for your beneficial tips regarding tickets to see real Madrid.Really some times ticket given by ticket touts are usually fakes.

  3. Thanks to giving me this contact no. I note this phone number in my Phone Dairy. We want to go Madrid in our next holidays to see real play. I hope it will very joyful for me and my friends.

  4. hi.. i know this is an old post but wondering if you could help.. i would like to surprise my son and get tickets but very unfamiliar with it all. he would like to see real madrid play in feb or march of 2016.. any suggestions to get tickets.. also how can i tell where the match will be played.. is it listed last like in US.. packers vs st louis.. always means the game will be in st louis.. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  5. Hi Ann,
    I can provide 2 tickets for you. IF it sais R.Madrid-Sevilla, the match will take place in Madrid.
    If you click on my name (above), you can get my contact info.
    Best regards.Fátima

  6. Hello Ann

    With football (soccer), the team listed first is the ‘home’ team and so this would usually mean it is played at their ground.

    The only exceptions to this that I can think of would be:

    – if it was a special cup match, possibly being played at a neutral venue (for example, the FA Cup final in the UK is played at Wembley)

    – if it is a cup game between a big team and a small team – the small team might occasionally prefer to play at the bigger team’s ground in order to get a bigger attendance (and thus command a greater share of the revenue from the game), but this would be very unusual

    – if there are some special circumstances (eg a team playing elsewhere whilst their ground is being re-developed, or something like that)

    If you are looking to see Real Madrid play at the Bernabéu (their stadium) in Feb or March, these are the games you want to be looking at:

    Sun 14th February
    LIGA 16:00 Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao

    Sun 28th February
    LIGA 16:00 Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid

    Sun 6th March
    LIGA 16:00 Real Madrid v Celta Vigo

    Tue 8th March
    CL 19.45 Real Madrid v Roma

    Sun 20th March
    LIGA 16:00 Real Madrid v Sevilla

    LIGA means a league match and CL means Champions League (against other European teams)

    These are all pretty big games for Real Madrid so tickets might not be easy to come by (particularly in the case of the CL game and the game against Athletico where demand for tickets will be especially high), but hopefully by following the advice above you might have some luck.

    Let us know how you get on!


  7. Hello,
    I have read that if I wanted tickets for FC Batcelona …more tickets become available as the date gets closer to the match. Is the same true for Real Madrid?

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