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8 top tips for keeping your data consumption to a minimum as you travel

Using your mobile internet when you travel can quickly rack up a huge bill.  Even if you think you are playing it safe, there are many ways in which people can get caught out.  Here is a check list to make sure you keep your travel costs under control when you are travelling internationally, along with tips that will help you keep your data consumption to a minimum. Mobiles 1. Turning your phone off will not stop you from being charged data roaming fees.  Your phone automatically connects to the internet to keep you updated, even when it’s switched off.  To put it simply, turn off data roaming. 2. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi. You can use this time to connect to the internet, browse, download emails and use Facebook; it will save you a fortune. 3. Consider leaving your contract SIM at home – you can’t get a huge bill if you are using a pay as you go SIM. This isn’t always a viable option but is definitely a good idea for the kids. 4. There are solutions to data roaming so if you plan on browsing the web while you are away as much as you do at home, investigate the options before you travel. 5. Contact your mobile provider to get a cap put in place and find out the rates of where you are travelling to. 6. Know what your data usage is, you can contact your mobile provider to get an idea of how much data use might consume, this way you can at least estimate the costs of using your phone abroad so you don’t get any nasty surprises. 7. Download offline travel apps – these won’t use your data.  You can also make your destination available offline in Google maps. 8. Most importantly, whatever you do don’t stream music or video as you are likely to regret it!  This uses heaps of data.  Instead download the content you might want before you leave for your trip. Andrea Crome is Marketing Manager at WorldSIM.

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