5 travel-friendly tips to create your spa-on-the-go

It’s a known fact that Winter is bad for the skin. Think dry dermis, chapped lips and a dull complexion. That’s no way to be greeting 2014—and no way to travel, either! So whether you’ll be ball dropping in New York or wintering on the beaches of Costa Rica, be sure to keep your skincare resolutions! Put your best face forward with these travel-friendly tips for the ultimate spa-on-the-go:

Seal in moisture

Travel is hard on the skin and nothing helps it on more than the application of a rich creme with revitalizing properties. The legendary moisturizing cream by La Mer contains nutrient-rich algae and anti-oxidant extracts to help the skin naturally combat sun damage and dryness. As with most skin care brands, La Mer offers travel-size products so you never have to compromise your beauty regime.

Protect daily

Speaking of sun damage, sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and above is a key product to have in your travel arsenal. Be sure to select a product with UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, like Shiseido’s Urban Environment UV Protector. This is great for travel because it’s oil-free and so lightweight that it’s an absolute pleasure to apply.

Exfoliate regularly

Nighttime is your skin’s most optimal time for renewal and repair. After a full day of adventure, cleanse away oil, makeup and environmental pollutants with a multi-tasking facial brush such as those patented by Clarisonic. Its sonic method technology gives you an exfoliating, spa-like experience right in your own hotel bathroom.

Nail it

The state of your manicure gives away a lot. Play it safe while on-the-go and stick to neutrals, clear polish or simple au naturel. Darker polish will make chips more noticeable. So do your digits a favor and keep them short, well-trimmed and tidy. Plus, keeping a bottle of clear polish nearby is bound to be handy in a multitude of scenarios, from stopping a run in your stocking to helping you thread a needle to fix a wardrobe malfunction.

Nail polish on stockings

Tame your tresses

Take special note of the local weather in your destination, for this will determine your haircare. Generally, you can’t go wrong with a drop or two of nourishing oil. In lieu of a conditioner, traveling with a product such as Moroccan Oil will help you comb through tangles while soothing brittle, dry ends. Ever the multi-tasker, Moroccan Oil will also help against frizz and static!

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