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Top 10 holiday rental destinations in 2014

Revealing its predictions of the 10 best holiday rental destinations in 2014, AlphaHolidayLettings.com believes that owners and agents letting holiday properties in Europe are in for a prosperous year with no fewer than seven European destinations dominating the top ten. However, based upon 2013’s visitor enquiry and booking trends, Dubai, a city renowned for its year-round sunshine, luxurious lifestyle and fabulous beaches, takes the number one spot on the list. Undeterred by the global economic downturn, both rental property owners and holidaymakers have benefited from the wealth of Dubai apartments and villas available in desirable and prestigious locations including The Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. Palm Jumeirah The full list of the company’s predicted top ten holiday rental hotspots for 2014 is as follows: 1. Dubai 2. Cyprus 3. Costa del Sol 4. Paris 5. Algarve 6. Tenerife 7. Cornwall 8. Florida 9. Sydney 10. Majorca Appealing to the budget-conscious holidaymaker, low-cost flights with short journey times are available to many European destinations. This ease of travel, coupled with an abundance of affordable holiday rental apartments and villas in popular beach resorts such as Paphos, Coral Bay and Larnaca, secures Cyprus second billing on the list. It’s a similar story for the Costa del Sol which, with a flight-time of only two to three hours from the UK, a choice of Spanish villas and apartments to suit every taste and budget and around 160 kilometres of golden, sun-kissed beaches, has earned Spain‘s ever-popular south-eastern coast a place in the list’s top three holiday rental hotspots for 2014. According to official statistics produced by the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, an estimated 29 million visitors sought accommodation in Paris during 2012. Earning fourth-place honours on the list, the French capital city’s popularity shows no sign of diminishing thanks to its abundance of iconic and historic landmarks, rich cultural attractions and reputation as one of the world’s most romantic destinations. The respected Lonely Planet travel guide has already named Paris as the number-one city to visit in 2014 in its annual ‘Best in Travel’ list. Capitalising upon its status as one of the world’s most visited cities, the rates charged by Parisian hotels and guest houses tend to be on the expensive side, but Paris apartments can offer cost-effective alternative accommodation for families and groups wishing to stay in this unique and beautiful city. Taking the fifth and sixth places on the list respectively, the Algarve region of Portugal’s south coast and the Canary Island of Tenerife are perennially popular with holidaymakers thanks to their outstanding beaches, guaranteed sunshine, plentiful activities and entertainments and holiday rental properties ranging from beachfront apartments to luxury villas with private swimming pools. The county of Cornwall, the UK’s only entry on the list and in seventh place, has long been a favourite holiday destination but in recent years has received a boast in popularity as a result of television programmes such as “Cornwall with Caroline Quentin”, “Doc Martin” and “Ade in Britain”. One of Britain’s foremost surfing destinations, Cornwall also offers many charming and traditional fishing villages, historic attractions such as its UNESCO-listed tin mining landscape and areas of outstanding natural beauty. As such, demand for holiday cottages in Cornwall and other rental properties around the Cornish coast is always high. Two of the best-loved long-haul holiday destinations take the eighth and ninth places on the list. Sydney, Australia provides the ultimate winter escape. Steeped in culture, this exciting and vibrant city offers iconic landmarks including the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, world-renowned beaches, entertainments and attractions to please everyone and holiday accommodation to suit every budget. On the USA‘s eastern coast, Florida, meanwhile, is a dream destination where holiday villas and apartments close to the state’s many famous theme parks, film studios and beaches provide perfect family accommodation and earn the ‘sunshine state’ a deserved place in the top ten. Finally, the beautiful Balearic island of Majorca grabs the tenth place. Steadily increasing in popularity with holidaymakers since the 1950s, this jewel of the Mediterranean situated off the east coast of Spain is favoured by over ten million visitors each year for its warm climate, excellent beaches and abundant recreational activities. As with the other European destinations on the list, the availability and affordability of a wide variety of holiday rental properties, coupled with the ease of getting to and from the island are likely to ensure that Majorca is one of 2014’s hottest holiday rental hotspots.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. Nice topic, but I will suggest more greek islands ( Lesbos, Santorini and….), always is a pleasure to be there and the price are still amazing ( I mean cheap ).

    Happy New Year to all and enjoy your next holiday!

  2. Great to see Cornwall in that list amongst some great destinations. I’m surprised there isn’t any mention of Greece there too!

  3. All of these destinations would be great places to obtain a great home exchange as well; they are always my preference over a rental. I have exchanged my home in the USA in three of the countries whose cities are included on your list, France, Spain and England. I have also rented four apartments in Italy for lack of a suitable home exchange. However, through international home exchange I really get to live like a temporary local and experience the most authentic cultural experiences possible. It is an incredible style of travel.

  4. Too bad Los Angeles didn’t make the list! Visiting LA over the holidays is the best time to see LA and the weather this year was amazing!

  5. Very interesting, however I think that this top 10 list reflects to the taste of British consumers (Dubai and Cornwall are destinations loved in the U.K.). My guess is that Alpha Holidays is a UK-based company, so it reflects the choices of their primary market.

  6. Amongst the Bahama islands there is one that has been a long term getaway for those who know that raw beauty without crowds ..deserted sandy beaches, verdant bush, warming zephyrs is the key to rental heaven .. yet easy to get to with … modern web services

    Escape to Eleuthera, where true luxury abounds in a legacy of old money ‘tumble down’, new money ‘break outs’ .. but a continuum of rawness of nature unchecked.

  7. You missed one place in your list, as Australia is most popular place for tourism in world now. Bruny Island, Tasmania is one of the noted place for people to spend their vacations on beach houses, as its cost much affordable to tourists.

  8. Nice list, though, West coast in Barbados could have been a nice addition. This pristine beach island flaunts great natural beauty, from the wonder of underground caves to the beautiful vistas and the tropical colours of flora found across the island! If you like nature, hiking, serenity, culture and rich heritage, then you will love this place.

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