9 Greek islands in 7 days

“The sea once it casts its spell holds one in its net of wonder forever.” (Jacque Yves Cousteau). The Aegean Sea attracts sailors from all over the world looking for a Greek island treasure hunt in a canvas of secluded coves, fish villages, crystal blue water and wind shaped cliffs and natural bays. For those looking to discover the Cyclades in 7 days please review a suggested yachting route carefully crafted:

Day 1: Departure form Tourlos port in Mykonos for Delos Island, the sacred island of antiquity. Visit the most important archeological site of the ancient center of religious, political and commercial life in the Aegean dating from the Neolithic age to the Roman empire, with a professional licensed guide. Then follows a cruise to the mysterious Island of Rhinia situated north west of Mykonos, which offers unspoiled beaches to relax away from the crowded beaches of Mykonos. Dive in crystal blue waters in privacy and If the weather permits it , a beach BBQ/picnic can be organized on Rhinia beach following an hour sunset Yoga or Meditation to absorb the local energy. Alternatively, by sunset cruise back to Tourlos Bay in Mykonos passing by Little Venice or Agios Stefanos bay for the perfect panoramic view of the sunset and the town and blend in with all the happenings which are many…

Mykonos beach

Day 2:  Departure for Paros Island  and the village of Naoussa. Upon arrival you anchor at Kolimbithres bay ( which means a little swimming pool) for a swim. In fact the bay is like a lagoon with crystal blue water surrounded by naturally sculptured rock formation which divides the bay into a few mini sandy coves. Enjoy your swim and lunch on board before you get all ready to explore Naoussa’s night life and restaurants. The village itself is in harmony with he Cycladic architecture of white washed cubic houses while the pebbled alleys will guide you through local shops, taverns and bars.

Day 3: Departure for Koufonisia Islands, the off beaten bath of Small Cyclades where you can enjoy the mesmerizing waters, the unspoiled sandy beaches and the sound of the sea. By the afternoon, cruise to Pano Koufonissia islands and explore the beauty of nature and the wonders of its seas. Prefer an overnight anchor by a small typical village for clear sky star gazing and full relaxation. This is an ideal setting for Yoga or Meditation by the beach.

Day 4: Departure for Amorgos island, which became  famous from the movie, the Big Blue. One stop for snorkeling, diving and swimming along the way with final destination Katapola Harbor. Make sure to pass by the famous monastery of Hotsioviotissa, an impressive location where literally the monastery is built in a huge rock formation 300 meters above the sea. During the evening, scroll down to the main town, which is the highest nested town village of Amorgos, where you will be able to enjoy local specialities that can not find elsewhere in the cyclades.

Day 5: Departure for the island of Folegandros which is known to be one of the most beautiful islands at the southern part of the Cyclades. It has three small villages, Chora, Karavostasis and Ano Meria, which are connected by a paved road. The island’s landscape includes steep cliffs and a large cave while the capital, Chora, is built on the edge of a 200 meter high cliff with amazing views.  During the evening walk in the main square where you will be carried away by a theatrical setting around the main pine tree, with colorful doors and flowers. In the square there are various tavernas and bars while it is the main meeting point for the island.

Day  6: Departure for Antiparos with stops for  swimming in secluded coves and beaches in the way. Antiparos is a small island at the heart of the Cyclades, and is located one nautical mile (1.9 klm) form Paros. Sail to Saliagos island which is the most ancient settlement in the Cyclades, and Despotiko Island, in the southwest of Antiparos where there are extensive Neolithic remains. In the center of Antiparos the famous cave, one of the most beautiful and mysterious caves in the world, which has been used as a natural shelter from the Neolithic period onwards. The area was also used for the worship of Goddess Artemis, while at the entrance to the site is the plain but magnificent church of Agios Ioannis Spiliotis.

Day 7: Departure for Mykonos, and sail in the beaches of the island before departure.

Maria Nikolakaki is Managing Partner at Beyond Spaces Villas.

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