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Summer paradise in Malibu

In the summertime, Malibu, California hosts what is considered by many as the most perfect weather on the planet.  The air has very little humidity, while temperatures remain between 75 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  It should not come as a surprise that Malibu is the most highly desired areas to vacation in Southern California.  There are only a handful of boutique hotels in Malibu, so the majority of travelers are enjoying their stay in villas that line the hills and beach houses that line the coastline. Malibu sunset Besides relaxing in the sun with a cool ocean breeze, Malibu offers a variety of things to do that center around the beach.  Along the Pacific Coast Highway that spans the entire community, there are various restaurants and bars known for their seafood and social environment.  Some of the most notable establishments are Dukes, Paradise Cove, Nobu, Moon Shadows, and Gladstones. The beaches of Malibu, although technically are not private, are primarily exclusive to the residents of the beach houses that rest on the shores of the coastline.  With little space in between each property, one would have walk for miles in order to reach specific areas of the beaches from a public access point.  The unique aspect of the Malibu coastline is that many of the homes are literally on top of the beach where the waves crash.  When the tide is high, many of the houses will have the waves crash upon the bottom side of the house.  This is magical at night to listen to with the windows open while the cool ocean breeze flows through your home.  I have experienced this first hand and can honestly say that those were some of the best nights of sleep that I can remember. Broad beach The beach also offers a plethora of activities to enjoy.  Many of the beaches offer surfers tremendous waves for hours throughout the day.  The most notable beach is Zuma where even on cool and cloudy days you will see the surfers scattered throughout the waters.  The majority of the beach houses travelers can rent offer paddle boards, surf boards, boogie boards, wetsuits and other beach toys. Malibu For nature lovers, there is also endless trails throughout the Santa Monica mountains with all kinds of wildlife, plant life, and waterfalls that form streams throughout the landscape.  The waters also play host to a variety of sea life from seals to dolphins, and even sharks and whales at specific times of the year.  It is not uncommon to be sitting out on the deck of your beach house sipping on coffee as the morning sun rises, or sipping on wine while the evening turns into night, and see dolphins frolicking through the waters below. And last but not least, perhaps the best natural beauty Malibu provides…its sunsets.  The Malibu sunsets are some of the best that I have seen around the world.  The landscape of the mountains kissing the oceans as you look to the west as the sun slowly dips below the horizon is a truly breathtaking experience. Even if it’s just to pass by to marvel at its beauty, if you are planning a visit to Southern California, you must make sure to plan a day to head to Malibu to enjoy all it has to offer. You can enter for a chance to win a free stay in Malibu, CA by visiting this page. Luis Guajardo is Owner of Privé Luxury Rentals.

Luis Guajardo

Luis Guajardo is the founder and CEO of Privé Luxury Rentals, a luxury vacation rental company. Join him in his never ending journey as he fulfills his passion for travel and exploration of all the world’s magnificence and beauty. Traveling the world makes him a student and enthusiast of the different cultures around the globe, and it is his goal to share this knowledge and experience with as many people as possible. He hopes his efforts encourage others to venture out and chase their dreams as they discover more about what this world has to offer, and, more importantly, what they have to offer to the world.

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