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Top 5 places to spend Summer in South East Asia

South East Asia is a continent well known for a variety of reasons. Vietnam and Cambodia are the famous beach capitals and Indonesia is one of the best diving locations outside of Australia or California. The weather is fine for most of the year, which shouldn’t keep you away from these five places you should spend your summer in South East Asia. Hanoi, Vietnam In the capital of Vietnam, you can find old and new Asia have collided with each other but get along absolutely fine. One of the towns that new found culture seems to be settling in is Hanoi. Ancient monuments and temples are blended closely together with popular restaurants, nightclubs and technology startups. Hanoi Traditional Asian entertainment is provided by water puppets, which dance on water meanwhile travellers can enjoy the local brew, Bia Hoi, meaning fresh beer. Start the day by trying beef and noodle breakfast soup, Pho, with locals dining in many of the street kitchens. End the day by browsing trinkets at some of the night markets running from North to South through the heart of the Old Quarter. Hoi An, Vietnam Hoi An in Vietnam is one of the smallest towns in South East Asia.  It is recommended that travellers visit during a full moon to see the traffic free streets lined with red silk lanterns, traditional food stalls, and street games along with music and dance performances. Visit every other evening and Hoi An is entirely lit by lanterns reflecting light against the yellow buildings. The Hoi An River floats with paper lanterns every night, which makes the town that extra bit special. Siem Reap, Cambodia Siem Reap is a city containing the magnificent and protected by UNESCO remains of centuries old Khmer heritage. However, the influx of tourism to Siem Reap that transformed the otherwise quiet town into a small, bustling city was the picturesque sights of Angkor Wat, with numerous temples and peaceful sun rises and sun sets. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Its recommended that you wake up and sneak down to the temples before sun rise as they will become over run with tourists and limited space will be available to explore. Should you miss the opportunity in the morning, revisit before sunset and take a stroll through the city. You’ll not only be able to enjoy local food but cuisine from a range of different cultures and countries as well as local delicacies including Frog. Komodo Island, Indonesia If you’re lucky enough to take a dive here in the Indonesian waters, be sure to take an underwater camera with you. The chance of you swimming alongside dolphins, sunfish, manta rays and seahorses is highly likely. It’s also an interesting location to see the effects of dynamite fishing along with the invasion of crowns of thorns. However, keep an eye out of the deadly blue ringed octopus that surround these waters. Bali, Indonesia One of the most luxurious destinations in South East Asia is Bali, Indonesia. Among the natural beauty, there are numerous places to eat, sleep and drink. For food, Mozaic tops the list as it is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in the entire country with its white linen tables set with a traditional Balinese garden. Bali After dining, take to Utu Watu for some Kecak Dancing, which involves no instruments. 100 vocal chords provide background music, which chant whilst costumed performers dance and act out the Ramayana around the blazing evening fires. Alison Crabb is a Director at Exsus.

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  1. Bali offers a wide range of luxury resorts and some stunning beachfront hotels and villas. The restaurant options are endless, as are the many beautiful places to visit.

    With the rainy season over, we can’t wait for the next few months of sun, sand, pool parties and amazing sunsets :)

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