Over half a million unique visitors to A Luxury Travel Blog in just one month

I’m delighted to be able to tell you that A Luxury Travel Blog reached new heights recently, achieving more than half a million unique visitors in the month of January 2014 – to be precise, 507,150 uniques. The most popular day of the month (and an all-time record day for the site) was Friday, 10th January when it served a very pleasing 27,164 unique visitors. If only we could sustain that level every day and we’d be knocking on the door of reaching one million in the month!

January 2014 stats

Here are some other insights from the month’s figures that might interest you:

– the average visit duration was 5 minutes 37 seconds
– 45% of visitors came from the US, 24% from the UK, 12% from Canada, 2% from Ireland, 2% from France, 2% from Australia and 1% from the Netherlands
– 208 other countries/territories were identified (including Antarctica!), but each represented less than 1% of the total
– 2.6% of our readers each loyally visited the site more than 25 times during the course of the month… a big thank you to them!

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  1. Very impressive growth — congrats! Something we all aspire to achieve. Just shows you the value of quality and consistent content. Keep up the great work!

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