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The most decadent dining in Italy

Although good meals in Italy aren’t exactly hard to find, there are a few choice places that really kick things up a gear. Whether you’re celebrating something specific or just want to end your holiday in style, take the time to venture away from your Italian villa rental and find these fine dining establishments – trust us, you won’t regret it. Ristorante Quadri Solo Per Due It doesn’t get much more exclusive than this: literally translating as ‘only for two’, Solo Per Due has just one table, providing its two fortunate guests with their undivided care and attention. Located in a mediaeval building in the tiny village of Vacone, the setting is effortlessly romantic – and that’s even before you’ve included the optional extras like limousine or Ferrari hire, firework displays and heart-shaped cakes! Equal care and attention goes into the food, with fresh local ingredients whipped up into delectable dishes that change with the seasons. Enoteca Pinchiorri There’s nothing like a Michelin star to put your mind at ease, and Enoteca Pinchiorri just so happens to have three. Exquisite presentation, perfect seasoning and impeccable service are just a few of the justifications we can think of for its stellar reputation – chances are you’ll come up with more if you visit this Florentine landmark. Seafood is a particular speciality, so make sure at least one of your courses includes some scallops or lobster. Gran Caffe & Ristorante Quadri Dating back to the 19th Century and the only restaurant to overlook the famous Piazza San Marco, the Quadri‘s setting is indulgently opulent. With crystal chandeliers, red silk-lined walls and crisp white tablecloths, the surroundings channel a Venetian glamour that’s reflected in the cuisine, which uses only the very finest regional ingredients to create culinary masterpieces. It’s almost impossible to choose between all the enticing options, so we’d recommend the set menu to take some of the pressure off. Not that you need to worry too much – every option is equally delectable, and you’ll still somehow find room for dessert at the end! Oliver Bell is Co-Founder and Managing Director at Simply Chateau Ltd.

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