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Floating hotel designed for Qatar World Cup

Finnish-based Sigge Architects have come up with a design for a floating hotel, with the aim of accommodating fans for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Such a hotel could be moved to another coastal location after the competition, thus catering for other major events around the world. It would be fully location independent, complete with its own infrastructure including an independent sewage treatment, power generation and recycling capabilities. Floating hotel Admares Floating Real Estate is a partner in the project for this five-star facility which, in addition to hotel accommodation, will include restaurants, spa, nightclub and rooftop pool.  Apparently, the idea is that the development can also be tailored according to its needs at different locations, so the number of rooms, types of restaurants, number and location of pools, and placement of balconies and terraces are all customisable.
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What do you think of the concept?  Will it become a reality, do you think?

Paul Johnson

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  1. Qatar and Dubai really understand how to build beautiful buildings. Their hotels are simply amazing and their architects are so creative. This hotel on water will be absolutely stunning. It sets a new standard for cruise travel.

  2. Potentially – but like the rest of Qatar, it will be built with “slave labour” – workers from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan working in appalling conditions and with very low salaries (sometimes none at all…) – I am sure this won’t be posted, but well done if you do…

  3. Wow amazing, stunning , can’t see how it could possible sail anywhere,? Cruise ship are fab floating hotels no? I think the jury will be out there for a while on this one

  4. That is an amazing concept. I really like it. How eco friendly is it? It seems like it potentially could be quite eco-friendly, but I would be curious to know more.

  5. Reminds of airborne hotel, floating hotel, in The Fifth Element directed by Luc Besson. Safety, evac plan is essential. Interesting a Finnish firm was tapped here.

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