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Top 3 luxury African star beds

When staying in Africa’s luxury safari camps and lodges you will experience some of the most comfortable and relaxing beds you have ever slept in. They’re often huge with soft Egyptian cotton, downy pillows and warm cosy duvets. Many of them are romantic antique four poster beds with mosquito nets tied neatly around them. Many of them also face the sunrise which is a magical way to wake up in Africa. Despite all of this luxury and comfort the African bed which will have the biggest impact on you by far, is the Star Bed. The Star Bed has taken off in Africa and we’re not surprised – they are usually located far out in the wilderness and one can either walk or drive there. Small treehouses, platforms or chalets have been built raised high above the surrounding bush with fantastic views as far as the eye can see of pristine African wilderness. You will be dropped there with a radio and candlelit dinner and will spend an impossibly romantic night under the African stars in a comfy four poster bed complete with mosquito net. You will enjoy twinkling stars and the noises of the bush all around you, whilst feeling completely safe in your high treehouse, which is unreachable by anything other than a human. Loisaba One of our favourite starbeds is at Loisaba, a vast and wild reserve in Northern Kenya. These are decorated with bright red Masai shukas and feel natural and authentic. Never has a night been so romantic. Loisaba Loisaba Ol Donyo When you stay at luxury lodge Ol Donyo in Southern Kenya you will be lucky enough to have a rooftop terrace which can be set up with a luxurious four poster and mosquito net any night you like. The views from the Ol Donyo rooms are stunning anyway, let alone when you are elevated high above the bush. Wake up to crystal clear views of Kilimanjaro. Lion Sands Treehouses Last but not least a mention has to go out to the Lion Sands Treehouses which are ultra luxurious and provide a night out in the wild for those staying in any of the Lion Sands properties in the Kruger or Sabi Sands. Nights out in starbeds are magical and memorable and really make your safari. Lion Sands Treehouses Lion Sands

Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of The Luxury Safari Company.

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  1. Oh Rose, all of these locations look so dreamy! I haven’t slept in a Star Bed, since girl scouts, and it was hardly what I would call luxurious. Great roundup.

  2. Love the treehouse! Any luxury stay in one is a great way to stay in touch with climbing trees when we were little! Not sure I could cope with outdoor sleeping though, in the first option – we stayed in a reserve in KZN and came across a green mamba on our deck… Being able to shut the door and call reception was quite vital!!

  3. These all look so wonderful. The nearest I’ve been to this was staying at Mandina Lodges in the Gambia floating on the river. I could certainly hear the jungle, as well as the river inhabitants, all around me but had to get out of bed to see the stars. Glorious non-the-less.
    Not sure I’d be keen on all those candles by the wooden stilts on that last shot though!

  4. Those are amazing properties, the treehouse lit up is pretty amazing – the views must be spectacular for sunrise or sunsets

  5. I love the look of these!!! More than a little something to brighten up my week, I have to say! Africa is calling my name, I feel it!

  6. This is a great article!!! Can’t wait to go there next week! Nothing to get me in the mood like this!

  7. One of the best attractions of heading away on a luxury vacation is knowing that you are going to have an extra comfortable bed for a few nights. That sounds like pure bliss to me and whenever you add the fact you can have some pretty spectacular views, well that pretty much sells it for me regardless of the cost of these options. That treehouse in particular is just dreamy and I am sure would be a perfect romantic getaway for any couple!

  8. I was never a fan of sleeping outside. These are very nice though, but I prefer four walls and a roof; a see through roof is good though :).

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