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The 10 most beautiful Pacific islands

With more than 20,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean, visiting them all and then picking a favourite is not really an achievable aim. With some of the most beautiful sights on the planet residing on the Pacific Islands, being daunted by the sheer breadth of the islands could lead to you missing some truly awe-inspiring experiences. Solomon Islands Incredibly, the Solomon Islands are one of the best kept secrets in the Pacific Ocean. With more than 3,300 miles of breath-taking coastline and unique, indigenous flora and fauna casting a vibrant light of life over the terrain, the 347 islands in the group are well worth the difficult trip for tourists. The Solomon Islands have proved to be particularly popular with divers, who travel from around the World to experience the beautiful waters. Soloman Islands   Highlight: the Mataniko Falls moonlighted as a hideout for Japanese soldiers during WWII but now serves as a beautiful landmark comprising of a double-side water fall sweeping into a cave full of stalagmites. New Caledonia The resurgence of New Caledonia from an area of extreme political strife to honeymoon paradise is remarkable. Capital city Noumea in particular is a welcoming tourism spot, welcoming visitors to its relaxing selection of restaurants, bars and activities. The French overseas territory has certainly adopted much of its mother country’s elegance. Highlight: the Anse Vata beach in Noumea is a sprawling, stretching beach sure to satisfy divers, swimmers and sun-worshippers alike. Tonga If you are looking for a real taste of Polynesia, then Tonga is your best option. Having never been under the rule of foreign ownership, Tonga has retained all of its cultural and historical charm. The capital city Nuku’alofa is renowned for its fantastic range of amenities, beaches and whale watching opportunities. Tonga Highlight: divers can enjoy the spectacular underwater caves along the coast. Samoa Stock photographs demonstrating the idyllic beauty of the South Pacific are often taken from the beautiful island of Samoa. The picture-perfect beaches defy belief even as you comb down them. With only one true metropolitan city on the island, it retains its unexplored charm. If there is anywhere in the World where you can escape the stresses of the office and everyday life, then it is Samoa. Hightlight: take in one of the idyllic beaches under a traditional Samoan fale – a small wicker structure. Tahiti The party centre of the Pacific Islands, Tahiti’s capital city Papeete is rich with diverse culture and activities for people of all ages to engage in. Almost everything you could wish for on a tropical paradise is available here from delicious cocktails to a bustling market. Tahiti Highlight: Bain Loti is a naturally formed swimming hole popular with tourists and locals alike. Guam If your ideal holiday in the Pacific Islands includes no roughing it, then Guam is the perfect Island for you. The edges have been polished and the island’s tourist board has gone to great lengths to ensure that every whim of the visitor is taken care of. Tumon Bay is a bustling metropolitan of hotels, restaurants and pubs. Hightlight: the Y’Pao party beach is where all the revellers end up. Fiji What separates Fiji from many of the other islands in the Pacific is the accommodation of more thrifty travellers. The subtle gentrification of the country ensures that it retains a lot of its heritage and traditional charms whilst allowing tourist of all ages, the highlights of a Pacific Island holiday. Highlight: thrill-seekers will enjoy the river rafting available on the island. Palau Perhaps the top diving destination outside of the Great Barrier Reef, Palau in the Micronesia is made up of hundreds of limestone formations. The Rock Islands resemble emerald shapes floating in a beautiful royal blue sea. Highlight: the nearby Chuuk Islands contain a famous lagoon which is full of WWII shipwrecks and crashed fighter planes. Vanuatu For the more adventurous amongst you, Vanuatu or ‘the land that time forgot’ may be the perfect destination due to its uncorrupted nature. The locals on this island still retain all of their traditional village customs and living standards. Vanuatu is the only place in the World that contains an underwater post office. Highlight: the bright blue hot springs found in the heart of the jungle are the perfect mix of luxury and exploration. Papua New Guinea Although most commonly associated with tribal cannibalism, the tourism trade in Papua New Guinea provides stunning views and incredible cultural experiences. With more than 800 indigenous languages split amongst the 600 islands, there are endless customs to enjoy. Papua New Guinea Highlight: explore the historical significance of the islands including the discovery of human remains, 50,000 years in age. Images: Shutterstock

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  1. Unsurprisingly the pictures are stunning, yet after all this is a fabulous place in the world. I’ve often thought of the appeal of Fiji and many of my Australian friends love the place.

    I was interested to see PNG in your collection. From the people I know who have been there I understand it to be an extremely dangerous territory. For now I’m not tempted to visit PNG when there are so many safer places to explore.

  2. I’ll vouch for Tahiti–especially Maupiti Island. Unreal beauty and charm. All of the ten above, though, make me want to book a ticket right away. See what you’ve done?? lol

  3. The image of Tahiti is so very captivating and it sounds like it has everything going for it, although I do hope that the swimming hole isn’t too overrun with people or the locals may wish they had kept it to themselves.

  4. The stereotypical part of the world that just oozes pure beauty! All of these locations are gorgeous in their own way with perfect beaches and great spots to relax.

    Fiji is actually one of the more attractive locations for me. Of course Tahiti is ‘the one’ that most people refer to with Moorea and Bora Bora but there is something about Fiji that really appeals. Whether it is because I have seen gorgeous golf courses on those islands, I’m not sure but the reality is offer me a holiday to any of the above listed islands and I am not going to say no!

  5. I think if I was to visit this part of the world then it would need to take in at least a few of these islands to compare. But to keep well away from the types of place frequented by Kardashian et al… As long as they stay beautiful and unspoilt, the better for us all – look at that water, that colour is unbelievable, even compared to the Maldives?

  6. Oh boy, I’d have a hard time narrowing down this list of destinations. Ever since discovering Gauguin’s paintings, I’ve wanted to visit the part of the world he portrayed so beautifully. Nice roundup!

  7. Gosh, I haven’t been to any of these destinations, time to add more to my bucket list. I have always wanted to visit Tahiti and Papua New Guinea

  8. Fiji and Tahiti are on my bucket list as top destinations with fabulous clear water! I’ve done some snorkeling in Australia and the Caribbean. Great list!

  9. I’ve been to five of these beautiful places over the years. Their beauty is one thing, but the people make it so special. Even Papua New Guinea once you get out of Port Moresby.

    But you should have added The Cook Islands to this list…. Maybe make it the “11 Most Beautiful Pacific islands”

  10. Guam is exotic. You can practically touch the moon in its full cycle and from 4 to 5 days experience crab-gathering from various seashores around the island. Sunsets are gorgeous. Feel very comfortable; it is where America’s day begins. The islanders are friendly; the food is international.

  11. I must admit that I have associated Papua New Guinea with tribal cannibalism. I didn’t know that I can visit as a tourist! Now that I do know, I’m seriously considering going there. Never say never!

  12. Your list is lacking Aitutaki, Cook Islands – absolutely the most stunning pacific destination!
    Aitutaki is closest to heaven on earth with the most crystal clear waters, gentle warm waves, powdery white beaches – the ultimate getaway

  13. The last picture might be from Lake Sentani in Papua, which is the Indonesian part of New-Guinea, and not PNG. Papua is an amazing place and much alike PNG as is the same island and the same people. Hence you will find the same culture on most of the remote parts of the island. Papua has lot to offer including the gorgeous Raja Ampat which has plenty of resorts and untouched nature.

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