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Ibiza’s best restaurants

I have recently been exploring the island of Ibiza, and the foodie that I am, love to mix any opportunity to experience the new ‘it’ restaurant, chef or hang out. Ibiza, famous for its DJ’s, parties and VIP guest lists and now, home to the world’s most expensive restaurant. Welcome to the golden steps of gourmet heaven where I explore the top 4 restaurants in Ibiza: Food in Spain SubliMotion Leading the way this week is SubliMotion which was in the news recently for being the most expensive restaurant experience ever, if you want to try this restaurant, I recommend booking a table in advance, possibly upon (or even before) your villa confirmation, this restaurant is so exclusive it is only prepared to serve 12 clients per night. SubliMotion at La Playa d’en Bossa is located at the Hard Rock Hotel, new hotel in Ibiza. The chef of the restaurant is the famous Michelin starred chef Paco Roncero. The menu with (about) 20 courses will be EUR 1’503 per person. I will hold the wine menu from a distance as it is bound to match and double your ’20 courses’. But, if you are a foodie and have to experience ‘the’ restaurant of the year, I can guarantee you will find it here. Just get in line and start saving your pennies. We cannot comment on what will be served to you, this will be taking away the fun, but you will be treated to a luxurious meal enhanced by visual, audio and aromatic stimulants. Kumharas Looking for something more relaxed? Why not try ‘Kumharas’ described as a ‘rich multi- space environment for everyone’ Think hippy, deserted island, beach parties and relaxed luxury and mix it all together. Kumharas is located just a few meters from San Anotinio bay and has one of the best views for sunsets in Ibiza. Relax with a cocktail, puff on a shisha, savour a mixture of cuisines and hell, why not get down with the cool and take part in a percussion, capoeira or African dance workshop. No? Ok, we will let you unwind whilst watching the sun turn the sky a thousand warm, comforting colours on the chill out terrace whilst setting yourself up for a night on this glitzy island. Kumharas offers a varied menu, rich in imagination and offering explosions of flavour whilst inviting you to explore other countries, here you can find Tandoori Chicken Skewers, Tempura Prawns and Red Tuna Taco’s. Hacienda na Xamena ‘Eden Restaurant and Bar’ is located in the Hacienda na Xamena hotel and is another ‘IT’ place to visit, the restaurant is made up of various terraces located at different levels so that each table can enjoy the spectacular panoramic sea views – not to mention the famous sunsets of the Island. The new concept the restaurant so proudly shouts about is ‘Fooding’ (food and feeling) here guests are welcomed to a unique experience where ‘eating out’ involves new tastes and sensations, experiments tailored for the palette. Mixed with a wide range of entertainment from music, catwalks and DJ’s surrounded in the carefully created luxurious ambience. A great fun night out for family and friends. Here you have the choice of the ‘gastronomic’ menu and a pan- Mediterranean dinner menu. The main restaurant offers a varied breakfast buffet, all-day poolside pastas and salads, and a pan-Mediterranean dinner menu. From Thursday to Sunday a pricey “gastronomic” restaurant opens. Cotton Beach Club Perhaps the most relaxed of all restaurants but guaranteed comfort with all surroundings and furnishings made from 100% cotton. It’s all white. Adding to the glamour of the environment – just don’t spill your red wine! A new player in town, and again, taking advantage of the melting sun over the Mediterranean Sea, here guests can choose from a lengthy list of cocktails, fabulous food and ‘awesome’ entertainment. 40 meters above sea level, stunning rooftop terrace and breath-taking views, be prepared to go ‘WOW’. The food at the Cotton Beach Club comes from several corners of the world, expect to find fishcakes from Norway, Paella from Valencia, Mussels from France and Super Thin Pizza from Italy. So, that is my top 4, I would love to hear if you have been to any, especially our (and the worlds) most anticipated restaurant La Playa d’en Bossa, I am waiting for the world’s most famous critic reviews. Image: Shutterstock Holly McQueen is Sales Manager for Indigo Lodges. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Here are a few tips from people that live on the island:

    Bambhudda Grove
    La Masia
    Ama Lur
    La Paloma
    Harbour Club
    Macao Cafe
    El Destino
    El Chiruinguito

  2. I agree with a lot of restaurants Igor has in his list, you can add Heart the new restaurant of the brothers Adría and for more simple but the best paellas , I dare to say of Spain Restaurante Carmen in Cala D’Hort.

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