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Dos and don’ts for visiting Brazil

Brazil is packed with amazing sights, stunning landscapes and plenty to keep you entertained – day or night. Whether you are heading to Brazil for the football or plan on taking a holiday there, here are a few pointers of what you should and shouldn’t do. Do try and see some of the wonders that Brazil has to offer; the lush Amazon rainforest has more wildlife than you could possibly imagine; the impressive Iguazu Falls waterfall or Sugar Loaf Mountain that stands tall over the city of Rio de Janeiro… the list is pretty long! Remember that Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world so you should plan ahead to make sure everything on your itinerary is achievable in the time that you have available. Sugar Loaf Mountain Don’t use hand signals like the ‘I’m OK’ as the meaning in Brazil is something very different – it’s quite vulgar. OK Do make sure you check the rates with your mobile phone provider before you travel – answering your phone and making calls in Brazil is likely to cost you a small fortune. Don’t flash your cash, jewellery, phone or leave bags unattended. Make sure you observe your surroundings and know where you are going. Don’t make yourself an easy target for thieves and pickpockets. Make sure you make eye contact with those around you (this is normal in Brazil) and is a safety measure to ensure you don’t get targeted by criminals. Do try the food; there is an abundance of culinary delights to be had including Churrasco (various barbequed meat on skewers), Feijoada (black beans with pieces of beef and pork added to it) and Brigadeiro – the best Brazilian desert and a must for chocolate lovers! Brigadeiros Don’t be lazy – at least try and speak the language (which is Portuguese not Spanish). Even if its hello, goodbye and thank you! Many Brazilians don’t speak any English so learning just a few words or having a phrase book handy will help (yes there is a translator app but you really shouldn’t be getting your smart phone out all the time!) Do make sure you have thought about how you will access the internet while you are away or at least check the rates with your mobile provider – and turn off data roaming on your phone! Data using your existing phone plan is likely to result in you being the next bill shock news story. Don’t be impatient. Brazilians operate on their own time so be prepared to wait or get into the holiday spirit and relax. This goes for pretty much everything including flights! Do always check with your hotel that where you are going is safe, they will be able to inform you of any areas you should avoid and tell you what to look out for. Brazil is an inspiring country and as long as you follow this advice you will love every minute of your holiday and probably won’t want to come home! Images: Shutterstock Andrea Crome is Marketing Manager at WorldSIM. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Brazil is really a wonderful place with lots of attractions which must be seen once in our life time. Thanks for the post as it can guide people like me.

  2. Rightly said! But for that matter, avoiding hand signals is good in which ever country you are.
    I don’t understand why should it cost a fortune when using local number in Brazil?

  3. Hi SaravanaKumar, using your regular SIM if you are not from Brazil and travelling to Brazil can be really expensive – a recent news release suggested people from the UK travelling to Brazil could be charged an average over £400 per day!

  4. Hello Andrea! Brazil is a very beautiful country. Nice job on making this useful article. Especially because now it’s the World Cup there and supporters traveling there need to know what they can and can’t do. Although the country is very beautiful you have to realize the dangers and be sure where you stay, because I’ve seen people in Brazil walking with guns in their hands!

  5. Hi There. I am Brazilian, living abroad for about 5 years. The article is quiet interesting but regarding the comments I have lived in Europe and now on NZ and I have also seen people walking with guns on their hands e many of the countries I have been.
    Safety is a must in every trip you do.Is not just in Brazil that there are pickpockets. also in the UK, Germany, Portugal and, I would dare to say, every single place in the world.
    Hand signs are different for every culture as so it is the language. Signs and/or slang will change from city to city even inside the same country and that is what makes many places interested to visit, because it is part of the culture and history of its people. It is always good to research a bit before you travel.
    But I must say, Brigadeiro still is the most perfect desert I have ever eaten.
    Happy travel everyone!

  6. Some really great advice if you are travelling to Brazil. Will definitely have to keep these in mind if i travel to Brazil.

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