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7 luxury travel experiences worth every penny

If you had to spend the earth for the ultimate experience, would you? Where do you draw the line on luxury and extravagance? The perfect holiday is a fusion between accommodation, food, relaxation and attractions. From all the things we take away from our holidays only one really lasts: the experience we had. Over time the price will be forgotten and all you will have left is the memory. In that moment your luxury travel experience wasabn’t an indulgence, but a pure pleasure. For memories that will last a lifetime try one of these 7 luxury travel experiences: Hot air balloon ride with Royal Balloon – Cappadocia, Turkey In the heart of Turkey is a sparse and barren land strewn with unique rock formations, unusual cave dwellings and vast open spaces. This ancient land is known as Cappadocia. And there is no better way to see it then climbing aboard one of the 90+ hot air balloons that climb into the sky every morning, just in time to see the breathtaking sunrise. Hot air balloon, Turkey Cost: Starting at US$220 per person. Disneyland – Los Angeles, USA If there is one dream in every child’s mind it is a visit to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. And to be honest it makes most adults wishlists as well. Magical days spent cuddling favourite characters, riding thrilling rollercoasters and snacking on delicious food. The best way to finish a stay at Disneyland? With the most amazing fireworks display over the iconic fairytale-inspired Sleeping Beauty castle. Mickey Mouse Cost: A ticket to Disneyland will set you back US$265 for a 3-day pass (ages 10+). Villa San Michele – Florence, Italy Whether you choose to stay overnight at this ultra luxurious hotel or merely visit for a romantic dinner, this lavish 17th century monastery will leave you in awe. Set high above Florence it provides the most picturesque panoramic views of this romantic world-renowned city. Visitors have aptly described the decadently landscaped grounds as heaven on earth. Villa San Michele Cost: One night’s accommodation starts from US$600 per night. Royal Caribbean cruise – Mediterranean Cruising in the US is actually quite affordable so for a real treat why not head to Europe. Start your cruise in Italy and sail through the azure Mediterranean stopping in exotic locations like Greece and Turkey. Choosing an indoor cabin will save you money, but for the ultimate in luxury book a suite and enjoy the scenic views of the Mediterranean. Royal Caribbean Cost: Cruising costs depend on who you are cruising with and what time of year. Consider it a bargain if you can get it for $100 per person per night. Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis, The Palm – Dubai, UAE This man-made island in Dubai is home to Atlantis, a luxury hotel designed for the rich and famous. But within this hotel complex is a titanic water park with artificial beaches and heart-pumping slides. The exceptional experience you will take away from this waterpark, above any other, is Shark Attack – a waterslide that starts in a dark tunnel, and drops you and ends in a shark tank. Hopefully you can conquer any shark fears on this one. Atlantis Aquaventure, Dubai Cost: Adult tickets start at US$80 for a combo ticket to the waterpark and aquarium. Catamaran snorkelling trip with seaduced by Belize – Ambergris Caye, Belize The world’s second largest barrier reef resides just off the coast of Ambergris Caye in Belize. You take a luxurious sailing trip to snorkel with nurse sharks or glide with sting rays and soak up the kaleidoscope of colours of the reef. Complete the day with lunch on a sandy Caribbean island or make it a vacation and stay in your very own island paradise. Belize Cost: Prices start at US$75 per adult. Basketball game – New York, USA There is nothing quite like a basketball game in New York City. Even if you are not a diehard sports fan, the atmosphere alone will have you on your feet cheering and booing with the rest of the crowd. Hot dogs plus a ridiculously oversized Coke and your own primordial scream are a recipe for the ultimate luxury sporting experience. New York basketball Cost: Prime basketball tickets can set you back up to US$2000 per ticket. These 7 luxury travel experiences offer something for everyone from adventure to relaxation to sports to pure indulgence. Whatever strikes your fancy, you can be sure that saving up those extra dollars to enable you to create perfect life-long luxurious memories will seem like a small price in retrospect. Erin Holmes is Editor-in-Chief at Explore with Erin. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I love this list and your blog!

    Disneyland is something that everyone should experience, and you’re right, the fireworks are the best way to end the day!

    Disney does something else interesting I was reading about called ‘adventures by Disney’, like luxury all inclusive travel tours, all around the world. They’re such a great company.

    Again, this is a great list, just like the rest of your blog.

  2. Disneyland, a waterpark & a basketball game, “luxury travel experiences”? Very misleading title.

  3. Tim: As an Australia Disneyland and a NBA game are very luxurious. I can understand for the average US it may just be part of life, but every Aussie kids grows up fantasising about Disneyland! :)

    @Laura: Thanks so much. That luxury Disney sounds wonderful!

    @Francois: We really enjoyed our time at The Palm, so divine.

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