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5 activities perfect for a luxury Tunisian break

The northernmost country in the great continent of Africa is a popular spot for travellers and those who yearn for a luxury break in an exotic place. Tunisia can be done on a shoestring, which is of course good to know, but if you feel like a treat then it can be done much more luxuriously too. So what should you do and where should you go in this North African gem? Well, we’ve come up with five activities that will ensure you have a luxury break to remember in Tunisia. 1. Laze by a luxury hotel pool Okay, you want some active activities for your luxury break, but if you are going on a holiday you are going to want to have some time when you do nothing at all – well, almost nothing. Lazing by a swimming pool is a must to ease you into your escape from the everyday grind, and the more luxurious the pool, the more relaxing this is. Thankfully there are numerous award-winning hotels in Tunisia with lagoon-like swimming pools. A particular favourite is Hasdrubal Prestige Thalassa and Spa, which has a vast, meandering swimming pool and plenty of sun loungers to choose from. Luxury hotel pool at Hasdrubal Prestige Thalassa & Spa 2. Barter at in Houmt Souq Houmt Souq is a town on the island of Djerba, and its name translates as ‘market neighbourhood’. This makes it the perfect place to experience souq life, and to see how well you can barter with the hardened, well practiced local street traders. You can find everything from rich spices to fabrics, food and carpets here, and there are lots of great places to eat, plus plenty of top hotels in Houmt Souq, some with fantastic views over the bustling markets. Houmt Souq 3. Visit historic Carthage The city of Carthage was once the centre of the ancient Carthage, and therefore has plenty of historic sites to explore. The Roman-built Antonine Baths is set on the stunning sea front and is a must-visit attraction. As is the 19th century construction, L’Acropolium. This is a fascinating, bold, Gothic edifice and an intriguing sight. There are some wonderful luxury hotels in Carthage, including the excusive boutique Villa Didon Hotel and Spa. Carthage 4. Scuba dive in Hammamet To see a different side of Tunisia you need to get wet, and if you fancy scuba diving in beautiful waters, Hammamet is the place to go to. Here you can go on diving expeditions to explore the local sea life, as well as sunken wrecks from World War II. There is a plethora of five star hotels to choose from in Hammamet, so you can retire to a real luxury venue for relaxation and refreshment after you have explored the town and the ocean. Hammamet 5. Camel trek in the Sahara For a real African adventure in the vein of Lawrence of Arabia, you can mount a camel and go on an expedition into the ostensibly endless Sahara desert. This is an amazing way to see the awesome landscapes of Tunisia, and on a camel train trip you can stop to enjoy barbecued lamb and sleep in luxury tents under the sparkling stars. Camel trek, Sahara Christos Hajipapas is Head of Business Development & Strategy at Cyplon Holidays. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. After visiting Tunisia many times, I think that a luxury traveler would appreciate the ruins in Dougga more so than Carthage

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