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Top 4 private guides in Africa

A good private guide is a person of many parts… spotter, tracker, host, storyteller, aide-de-camp, concierge and all of these elements can combine to create a simply unforgettable safari experience. Although hiring a private guide will add to the cost of an itinerary, the knowledge and experience that they bring with them is simply invaluable; it also allows for continuity as your safari adventure unfolds and the guide is able to peel back the layers of each of the intricate ecosystems to show how they work and operate. The most respected guides get booked up well in advance so you need to reserve their services early. We work with some of Africa’s leading names in this area – here is our selection of the best. Ralph Bousfield – Botswana Ralph hails from a long line of pioneers and adventurers, his family have guided safaris for four generations. His maternal great grandfather – Major Richard Granville Nicholson – was the first guide and escorted Princess Eugenie – the mother of Prince Louis Napoleon – to the site where her son was killed in the Zulu war on 1st June 1879. Having turned his back on hunting, Ralph forged ahead with a career in conservation and now carries the distinction of having helped to set up Botswana’s first Wildlife Orphanage and Education Centre. Beks Ndlovu – Botswana, Namibia & Zimbabwe Born in Zimbabwe in a rural village called Lupane between Victoria Falls and Bulawayo, Beks spent his childhood camping, hunting and exploring in the wilderness of the bush, taking up falconry and spending time with old African folk. Upon completion of his studies, Beks returned to the wilderness to start work as a trainee safari guide in the Gwayi Valley on the perimeter of Hwangwe National Park. He has also been awarded the prestigious title of River Guide of the Year following his time spent canoeing on the Zambezi River in 1997. Jackson Looseiya – Kenya Born in the heart of the Mara, Jackson grew up surrounded by wildlife. Tracking animals is in his blood – as part of his training his father took him into the heart of the bush for six months. During this time he was trained in the highly-skilled art of tracking dangerous animals – such as lion and buffalo. Jackson quickly became one of the first Masai guides in the Mara. He, of course, has intimate knowledge of all of the wildlife – from the smallest insect to the largest of predators – but the big cats hold a special place in his heart, especially the elusive leopard. Greg Lederle – South Africa Multiple award-winning and larger than life, Greg is considered to be one of the most entertaining personalities in the industry and will change the way you see Africa. Born and raised in South Africa, his connection to and appreciation of the country is immediately evident from the moment you are in his company. His life has been a fusion of travelling around and revelling in the continent he treasures and he is now a highly-qualified and multiple award-winning guide keen to share his knowledge. Maxine Roberts is Head of Marketing at Carrier. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I would just love a private tour in Africa :) My choice would be Jackson Looseiya from Kenya! I wonder how much it is… :) What do you mean by “If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, contact us?” cheers

  2. Hello Tate

    It means if you’d like to know more about writing for this blog, and getting a signature at the end of your articles in return, then to get in touch via the ‘contact us’ link…



  3. Greg Lederle is really the best “private Guide” for southern Africa. I met him several years ago. All my clients were enthusiastic.
    I completely agree with you selection, including Ralph from Jack’s Camp.

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