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5 of the best luxury shopping spots in Marrakech

Shopping in Marrakech offers far more than just the hectic throng of the souks and market stalls. If you’re in search of something a little more refined, go beyond the crowds to find some of the best artisanal creations in the city. With a tradition of craftsmanship and heritage extending back over centuries, the city boasts a fantastic array of locally produced luxurious goods to enjoy, from wonderful antiques to refined and perfectly crafted leather goods, jewellery and textiles. Lalla Boutique Capturing the perfect blend of casual insouciance and luxury materials, Lalla presents a fantastic collection of oversized bohemian leather bags, crafted in the softest and finest of leathers, as well as a variety of delicately adorned and vintage inspired ethnic pieces. The boutique’s owner, Laetitia Trouillet, also provides bespoke personal shopping tours of the souks, so if you’re in search of a sharp eye to unearth the finest treasures hidden amongst the stalls, she is certainly the person to go to. Lalla Studio Place Vendome Widely respected as the go-to place for high quality leather goods in Marrakech, Place Vendome offers some of the most impeccably crafted leather pieces you’ll ever come across, and is certainly a spot not to miss during your visit to the city. With everything from leather bags and jackets, to tailored men’s and women’s wear in supple, cashmere soft suede, you’re guaranteed to be tempted. But if the huge selection does not offer up something to your liking, you can also have your very own custom leather pieces produced for you – in a surprisingly quick period of time. Boutique Bel Hadj With a speciality in artisanal jewellery and textiles, Bel Hadj showcases a contemporary take on traditional Moroccan craft skills, including beautifully coloured silk and linen pieces, creating using traditional dying technques, hand-crafted necklaces and beaded bracelets. While prices are certainly a lot steeper than you might come across in the souks, Bel Hadj offers a comfortable and hassle-free shopping experience, where you can count on finding great quality that will capture your memories of your stay in the city. Bel Hadj Minestro Del Gusto Marrakech’s rich history in arts and crafts makes it a perfect place to find beautiful pieces for the home, and this unique boutique, owned by former fashion editor, Alessandra Lippini, effortlessly weaves heritage with a sleek sense of contemporary design to result in highly coveted furnishings and artwork. Usually working with local designers, the gallery boutique shows off some great pieces, including wooden furniture and textile flooring. While it is usually only open by appointment, this stylish design spot is definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for unique and eye catching objets d’art. Ministry Gusto Beldi For super-stylish socialites in Marrakech, Beldi is the must-see home of haute couture and designer wear. The boutique has been a prime Marrakech fixture for decades, established in the 1940s, just a short distance away from the D’jemal Fna. While once they supplied the stylish ladies of the city with elegant kaftans and jewels, Beldi has now expanded to include modern tailoring as well as more traditional pieces, as well as beautifully ornate bags and jewellery. Stéphane Abtan is Director at Dar Ayniwen. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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