The best places to kiss in Rome

Looking to share an unforgettable kiss in Rome? The Eternal City offers endless enchanting choices for romantic gestures whether you are strolling along the Tiber River or through the ancient Forum. Outdoor markets filled with colorful produce and the enchanting scent of freshly cut flowers are inspiring, and so are corner tables in dim trattorias with original Roman stone walls. It is difficult to find a place in Rome where a kiss would not feel inspired – except in the Vatican, which really isn’t Rome. This country within a city has intimidating statues of saint and hyper-vigilant Swiss guards. Save your ardor until you cross the border. In Rome’s historical center, it is hard to get it wrong; but here are some places that make a kiss particularly romantic.

Kiss in Rome

Piazza Garibaldi

Piazza Garibaldi  can be found atop Janiculum Hill which has trees and flowers, a puppet theater, and a low stone wall beyond which all of Rome’s glory shimmers below. You can walk up the hill and collapse in each other’s arms in exhaustion. Or you can simply take a bus and stroll around the piazza before leaning against the wall and kissing before Rome and everybody. If your partner needs convincing that you are The One, remember the canon goes off every day at noon.

View from Piazza Garibaldi

The Mouth of Truth

The Mouth of Truth in the portico of the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin often has a short line of couples with the same idea as you have. Swear your eternal devotion by sticking your hand in the mouth of the river god on this cracked, marble disk. It bites off the hands of liars. Do not spoil the moment by explaining the disk is probably an ancient Roman drain cover that somehow got stuck on the side of a church.

Mouth of Truth

Fountain of Four Rivers

Fountain of Four Rivers by the sculptor Bernini in Piazza Navona is a glorious marble display of four river gods. It is the center one of three marble fountains in this large, graceful piazza that most visitors migrate to at least once during their Roman holiday. Kiss beneath the figure that symbolizes Rio de la Plata. Note how the figure discreetly shields his eyes. It is said that Bernini sculpted the god in this position because he despised the design of the church the god faces. Lovers are more attuned to the god’s discretion.

Fountain of Four Rivers

The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps is a romantic setting if you want an international, camera-toting audience to see how fortunate you are and then have the satisfaction that your kiss will be tweeted. Despite the name, the Steps were a gift from a French diplomat to the people of Rome in 1723. Every April, the 138 steps bloom with pots of azaleas. No eating is allowed here, but there are no rules against public displays of affection.

Spanish Steps

Ponte Garibaldi

Ponte Garibaldi is the best of Rome’s bridges on which to share a kiss at night. You can stand right between the Old and New Testaments with the lighted golden dome of St. Peter’s on one side and the illuminated, startling white Jewish Synagogue on the other. Timing is critical on this busy bridge. Wait until no clattering tram is looming to ruin the moment.

Ponte Garibaldi

Termini Train Station

Termini Train Station is the place for a kiss only if you hope the kiss will end in “let’s get a room”. The station and bus bays are busy with commuters, tourists, clergy, nannies, pick pockets, venders, hustlers and honking taxies. It is difficult to find a quiet corner. But the historic and elegant Hotel Massimo d’Azeglio is right across the street, a discrete oasis in Rome’s chaos.

Termini train station

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Comments (4)

  1. Victor says:

    Fantastic city. Perfect to fall in love. I think Rome have a hundreds places to kiss and to be kissed. Each corner is lovely.

  2. Rick Zullo says:

    And there’s the famous Ponte Milvio, where young couples go to symbolize their commitment by affixing a small lock to the bridge, and then throwing the key into the Tiber River! Ah, Roma, che romantica…

  3. John says:

    I suggest also the Pincio Terrace, there you have a perfect view of all the historical centre of Rome (awesome and romantic) :)

  4. Freya Damson says:

    Plenty of good spots in Rome, and very Instagrammable for those wanting to capture the moment. Or get someone else to capture it for them unless you have a giant selfie stick while trying to romantically kiss which I reckon would spoil the moment somewhat. The Spanish Steps I think would be a good one though it’s news to me that you can’t eat there, which is just as well otherwise there would probably be hordes eating their lunch every day and litter all over. I hadn’t even heard of The Mouth of Truth in Rome before, that’s an interesting one. I bet politicians avoid putting their hands in there!

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