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Family adventures in Indonesia

As a mother of three curious children myself, I know that keeping them happy and engaged is the best recipe for a successful holiday. If you are planning to escape en famille this year, a holiday to Indonesia provides the most wonderful experience for everyone; and with the best weather between April and October, it is ideal for the Easter, half term and summer holidays. Here are five of our favourite family experiences: Sailing in the Komodo Islands Indonesia’s stunningly beautiful archipelago provides hours of fun, diving and snorkelling in glittering tropical waters, dropping anchor at sheltered bays and pink beaches, and catching fish for supper. For small families with young children, we love Alexa, a slick and stylish yacht all in white; and there are a number of equally lovely larger boats if you need more space or have older children. The key with sailing is escaping the crowds and allowing serendipity to intervene from time to time. Sailing in the Komodo Islands Nihiwatu A small, exclusive hideaway occupying the unspoilt island of Sumba in remote eastern Indonesia, Nihiwatu is the perfect balance between luxury and cultural immersion. There are just 21 sumptuous villas; and the whole island feels like the land that time forgot, with a beautiful private beach and world class fishing, surfing and diving. The Sumba Foundation, which works to preserve and protect the island and its people, enables visitors of all ages to get involved with community projects, schools and clinics, allowing for a great learning experience in addition to the resort’s various leisure activities. Paddle boarding, Nihiwatu Spotting Komodo dragons These giant lizards can grow to over two and a half metres and appear almost mystical to children. Seeing them in their natural habitat is an enriching experience for anyone with an appreciation of wildlife. We visit Pulau Rinca, a small island near Komodo, for the best chance to spot the dragons, as well as wild pigs, buffalos and an array of exotic birds. Komodo dragon Cultural immersion in Ubud No trip to Bali is complete without experiencing the cultural heart of the island, surrounded by bursting green rice terraces. Ubud is the most sophisticated area on Bali, with great café culture, some very good restaurants, and shops selling the arts and crafts for which Bali is famous. It is easy to get involved, whether observing a prayer ceremony or performance at Ubud Palace, or taking part in painting, woodcarving and batik classes. Active adventures Surprisingly for a place with a reputation for relaxation, the area around Ubud is full of opportunities for adventure, with cycling, kayaking, white-water rafting and mountain biking all up for grabs. Indonesia is dotted with simmering volcanoes and vast swathes of healthy jungle ripe for exploring. Rise before dawn and walk up Mount Batur with a local guide, reaching the summit for sunrise, and then cycle downhill through villages, farms and coffee plantations.  Cycle through the astonishing terraced Jatiluwih Valley to Wongaya Gede, and your reward will be a dip in the natural Penatahan Hot Spring. Melissa Matthews is Director of Operations at Red Savannah. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Indonesia offers a lot of unique natural beauty and culture, Komodo and Ubud islands only a small part of the natural scenery, while there are many more spectacular natural scenery one of them is Lake Toba which is the largest volcanic lake in Indonesia.

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