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6 reasons to go on a private luxury photography holiday

For keen photographers and visual storytellers, luxury photography holidays can bring together a harmonious blend of possibility, personalized attention and the chance to enjoy seamless travel that pulls out all the stops. A private luxury photography holiday goes beyond the basics of a workshop and takes you out into the world where you can hone your skills and perfect your craft. From the golden light spilling like yolk across the Taj Mahal to the morning fisherman in Napoli hauling in their catch, photography tourism helps you to discover the moments that are worth capturing. Custom itineraries Taking a private photography holiday ensures that every moment is dedicated to your own unique interests to bring out the best in your portfolio. Exquisite organizations who curate photography vacations will craft their itineraries with location in mind, customs of the locals and the right time of day to bask in the best light. You are almost sure to capture a great shot if you catch French cathedrals or Eastern temples bathed in the soft glow of sunrise, yet if you don’t rouse yourself out of the hotel until mid-morning then the light will be harsh and your image sub-par. This is why it’s often better to book with smaller boutique companies who practice photography as they can bring their intimate knowledge and personal experience to the table when crafting the ideal trip. Tour Alpes Travel like a local Private tours give you the opportunity to embrace a more local way of life and indulge in authentic experiences. When traveling with large groups it becomes painfully obvious that you are a tourist and this means you see the world through the eyes of a tourist. Yet traveling in a more personalized way allows you to blend in, to communicate and to get off the beaten track. You will also be able to have more input on where you want your days to go, whether it’s trekking through the rainforest or dining with the local villagers. Marseille Flexible schedules Imagine stepping into the world of the colorful hill tribes in Southeast Asia, children grab your hand, the villagers stir the cooking pot, chickens run wild through the muddy banks and the light pours down bathing everything in the perfect photography moment. These are the spontaneous moments you don’t want to miss and with luxury private tours you can skip that lunch reservation to stay in the moment, something you cannot do with ease when it comes to traveling in larger more impersonal groups. Holiday Nimes The best opportunities The more the merrier method of touring can be fun especially with the sense of camaraderie, the mix of people and the chance to travel with others who share your interests. However, group travel is not always conducive to capturing the best chances when it comes to inspired travel photography. Large groups can be distracting, can reduce your chances of capturing the best angle as everyone jostles for the best spot and can take away invaluable one to one time with the host photographer. In smaller groups or on private photography holiday tours the whole world will be yours to hold in the palm of your hand without restriction. Nagoya Tailor-made masterclass On a private photography holiday, you can indulge in as much or as little instruction as you want from a seasoned professional. Some photographers want to perfect their craft through assignments, critiques, a brush up on theory and more, others simply want to explore with their camera in hand and bask in the freedom to express themselves as they find their own visual voice. With mentoring and specially curated tours designed for you, you will spend your time doing what you love without having to compromise. Paris 1968 Seamless first-class travel Finally, fabulous luxury private photography holidays are seamlessly designed to help you explore and enjoy the world without one second of worry. Bespoke photography tour holidays will ensure that every morsel of your trip is taken care of. From riding in chauffeured cars to dream destinations to dining in style, sleeping in world class accommodation and gaining unrivalled access to significant cultural sites, you can indulge in the best every step of the way. Hallstatt Jerroid Marks is Founder of Band of Light. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Hello Jerroid,

    Thanks for sharing your insights to small group luxury photo tours. It all makes complete sense!

    Certainly if you’re going to join a travel photo course/workshop/mentoring trip, it would be much better to join a very small group and get maximum input and attention from the instructor.

    I hadn’t thought about the problems posed by trying to take photos with a large group around you as I usually shoot alone. So thanks for pointing those issues out as well.

    Best regards, Lash

  2. What a great idea for photography loving travellers – which i am sure is a large number of people. I love the idea of getting into a location and seeing it with a tour guide but without the large groups, the overcrowded locations and the rushing from place to place. This seems like a more relaxing alternative where you are given time to absorb the surroundings

  3. Hi Lash, it’s so true. Trying to shoot, say, a candid street scene when in a large group can be a disappointing experience because the group itself can distract and possibly alter the behavior of a subject. Small groups that are shown how to blend in is the way to go.

    Hello Jasmine, thanks for your comment. It really is an unhurried, refreshing, more intimate way to experience a place and it’s people. And with a great team overseeing the details, your time is your own!

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