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7 ports for a superyacht charter in the Baltic Sea

From the illuminations of the Auroras Borealis to picturesque fairy-tale villages steeped in snow, the Baltic Sea is home to a plethora of rare wonders to delight and inspire. When planning a summertime holiday, consider chartering a superyacht to take you on an exploration of nature’s finest playground. With sumptuous surroundings out at sea, a stunning sundeck boasting a personal spa, and a crew of finely tuned individuals waiting to show you the delights of the world, a superyacht break is the perfect way to unwind and savor every second. From the icy tip of Norway to the riches of Estonia, here are seven of the most illustrious ports to discover in the Baltic Sea while on charter. Superyacht Bergen Approaching Bergen from the sea will simply take your breath away, enjoy the view from your plush living quarters as you witness the pretty city rise from the shimmering blue waters. Its centuries of history filled with culture and splendor make it a divine place to anchor off when exploring the Baltics. After taking a series of postcard perfect photos from the sundeck of your superyacht, step ashore to lose yourself in the old cobbled streets and narrow alleys that wind and overflow with museums and galleries. Snow-capped peaks rise across the fjords leave the city bathed in a warm and welcoming glow earning it the prestigious reputation of Worlds Most Unspoiled Tourist Destination as voted by the National Geographic. After spending the day discovering the bounty of Bergen sink down into the steaming Jacuzzi on your superyacht charter with a glass of chilled Champagne. Bergen, Norway Tallin Another great port town is the Estonian capital of Tallin with its medieval delight, bright and bursting flower gardens, open air museum and breath-taking gothic architecture. In the summer months the city spills over with folk festivals, lively markets in the charm of the old town and lovers walking hand in hand along the sandy white beaches. With plenty of water toys and tenders onboard this is the perfect chance to splash in the azure waters and bask in the pleasures of having the ocean as your own front garden. If you feel festive, ask a few local artists to perform a private performance from the privileged setting of your superyacht sundeck as you graze on cocktails and canapés. You simply cannot ask for a better open-air spectacle. MY Starfire sundeck Alesund Sail towards the dollhouse charm of Alesund, an ornamental wonder to behold, sitting prettily on the mouth of Geirangerfjord. Surrounded by towering mountains and dazzling fjords this gorgeous town is a delight of rising turrets, spires and a hint of art nouveau. Exploring the colorful seaport, ducking in and out of cozy boutiques and dining on fresh Norwegian salmon is the perfect way to discover this quintessential Nordic spot. For those who don’t feel like eating on shore then your own private chef can whip up something tailored to your taste buds in the kitchen and you can dine on the deck for superior romance. Ask your Captain to position your superyacht at just the right angle to watch Alesund’s infamous midnight sunset. Alensund, Norway Bornholm Rich, fertile and with long luxurious hours of daylight, Bornholm is a true summer isle that will leave you smitten. Request a tender ride to this picturesque Baltic island encapsulating the simple Danish beauty with its rolling fields, old smoke houses and sweeping forests. The beaches are pure and white and the cycle tracks decorate the whole island making it the perfect spot for outdoor exploration. With watersport experts onboard your yacht this is the perfect chance to take a kayak or a Jet Ski safari with your own private guide around Bornholm for a view like no other. Floro Superyacht charter guests wanting to escape the modern world and bask in the sublime beauty of nature will adore the remote port of Floro in Norway. Sky falls into sea broken only by the rising mountains and old world wooden houses. Glaciers glitter, waterfalls cascade and the fjords are full of delectable herring. Floro is a dream destination to hike ancient glaciers, cast your fishing line and reflect in the silence of immaculate surroundings. After a day ashore, enjoy a typical Scandinavian feast prepared by your private superyacht chef before enjoying a movie on the open air cinema under the Norwegian stars. Floro, Norway St Petersburg No adventure across the Baltic Seas aboard a yacht would be complete without discovering the riches of the enigmatic St Petersburg. Witness the rising golden rooftops, the hedonistic Kuznechny food market and the elegant bars serving lavishly expensive chilled vodka. Tiptoe through the delights of the Hermitage Museum and opulent Gold Rooms before indulging in a night at the opera in the famous Yussupov Palace. Upon return to your superyacht, ask for a bubble bath and a glass of champagne to experience the best of modern-day luxury. Geiranger Crowned the jewel of Norway, Geiranger is one of the most photographed spots in Scandinavia. Nowhere captures the essence of nature, the majesty of the fjords and the starkness of the rugged Norwegian coast quite like Geiranger. Home to the spectacular Seven Sisters and the Bridal Veil waterfalls you can lose yourself in the silver mists, the sheer cliffs and the divinity of Mother Earth in Geiranger. If you fancy a privileged moment, your Captain can inch its ship up close for a little waterfall mist, and if you feel courageous, why not jump off the main deck into the chilly Norwegian waters. Rest assured, you can warm up in your own onboard sauna to complete the Scandinavian ritual. Guirangerfjord The Baltic Sea seems to remain a mystery but on-board a luxury superyacht you can unravel the myth and the magic and glimpse behind the scenes. Fascinating cities, rising ice capped mountains, spiraling fjords and quaint charm are waiting to embrace you and show you something incredibly special. Carl Sputh is the Captain of MYStarfire. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. the artical is a bit misleading as only some of the places are in the Baltic Sea, the others are the Norwegen Sea. Nice article though and looks super fun.

  2. Norway is not located on the Baltic Sea, so the only Baltic Sea ports from the article are Tallin, St.Petersburg and Bornholm.
    Anyway, it is always good to read your articles. Thank you!

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