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9 must-have travel photography accessories

Travel photography allows you to hold the world in the palm of your hands and to capture the rare beauty of the world in all her finery. Whether it’s shooting the lavender dusted fields of Provence or catching the last fingers of sunlight over the spires of Florence, you want to make sure that you have the best accessories to capture the moment. These inspired accessories are perfect for packing on your next photography holiday to bring out the best in every image. Triggertrap Mobile Imagine the creative possibilities if you could easily control camera using your iPhone or Android device without investing heavily in pricey hardware? The Triggertrap Mobile does exactly that offering remote controlled time-lapse modes, sound, shock and vibration sensor triggering along with star trail capture and bulb ramping amongst other features. For less than $40 you can vamp up your DSLR and perfectly capture that meteor shower over the abandoned farmhouse or the tumbling waterfalls of Bali. Camera external trigger Camera sensor and lens cleaning kit Whether you are out in the dusty outback of Australia or riding through the High Atlas Mountains, you want to make sure that your camera lens stays clean to capture those crystal clear images. Even though newer model DSLR’s automatically clean their sensors you still want to stay on the safe side and give your lens the tender loving care it needs to do justice to your vision. The Altura kit comes with everything you need to continue to shoot with clarity and style. Camera cleaning kit Neutral density filter One of the most important tools to carry as a travel photographer has to be a neutral density filter. This little gem acts as a pair of sunglasses for the lens and reduces the light, making it possible to shoot long exposures in sunny conditions without overexposing, giving your photos a more dramatic edge. This filter is also the perfect tool for photo trips when you want to shoot the glassy waters of the Mediterranean or the flaming sunsets melting in the desert sky. The graduated natural density filter is the ultimate accessory for landscape shots that ooze power and the wonder of Mother Nature. Circular polarizing filter Bring even more colour to your palette with a circular polarizing filter. Whether in the wild meadows of the Alps or capturing the colours of the English countryside in autumn, you can enjoy richer hues and greatly reduced reflections with this filter. With this helpful filter you can take out the glare of a summer day, reduce the haze over Paris and turn those water images into a living fairy world. Manfrotto BeFree travel tripod Every travel photographer knows the groans associated with trying to pack a tripod for a weekend shoot away. Tripods tend to be heavy and hard to stuff into a suitcase, but times are changing and the Manfrotto BeFree Travel Tripod can be your new best friend. Moonlit photography or trying to capture the time elapse of dusk until dawn all rely on a sturdy tripod and the Manfrotto travel version is durable, more than capable and lightweight to boot. Fold it up and down in seconds and make getting off the beaten track on your next photo trip a dream come true. Travel photography tripod Nexto portable memory card backup If the idea of being separated from your camera sends shivers down your spine then it’s time to prepare for the worst and invest in a portable memory card backup. During the long flight home you may find yourself separated from your trusty laptop but knowing you have all your beautiful images stashed safely in your portable memory card backup will help you to sleep easier. The Nexto model is a great option boasting a staggering 500GB of storage; just make sure you keep it close to hand. Travel photography storage backup Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Get ready for your digital world of photography to become simpler, smoother and even more portable with the incredibly impressive Microsoft Surface Pro 3. For the travel photographer trekking to every far-flung corner of the globe, this tablet can change your life for the better. With the power and performance of a laptop a state of the art mobile editing station and an excellent professional-grade high-performance colour-accurate display that renders 97% of the sRGB colour gamut, you don’t need to bring another thing on your next world adventure. Travel photography laptop Extra batteries After a long day shooting lion cubs tumbling in Tanzania or scouring tiny French Villages in search of the perfect crinkled face, you can forget to put your batteries on charge. Every good travel photographer knows the golden rule of a photo trip – always pack spares. The last thing you want to do is to miss that sunrise shot you have been dreaming of due to a flat battery. Camera bags Camera bags are an essential part of the plan when it comes to traveling with your prized possession. You need to find something that comfortably holds all your gear and won’t suffer getting caught out in India’s monsoon season. Another factor worth taking into consideration is choosing something that doesn’t look glaringly like a camera bag to reduce the risk of theft. Crumpler offer stylish and functional bags that bring elegance, style and convenience to travel photographers. Travel photography camera bag crumpler Jerroid Marks is Founder of Band of Light. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. That memory card backup looks like a great idea. I also have a similar messenger back to the one you pictured. I really like the ones that protect your gear but don’t advertise themselves too obviously as containing valuables!

  2. These are all excellent suggestions. I have that very same cleaning kit, and it works great. I’ve also been considering the Triggertrap. It looks like it could be quite fun. Thanks for sharing your list!

  3. This information is very useful.
    But i think for the beginner is enough bring no.1 to 4.

    Not all equipment is important in photography but the most important is art sense i think

  4. Thanks for your comment Jeremy. Glad you enjoyed the list! Definitely consider adding a Triggertrap to your kit. It makes it a bit easier to plan and execute tricky shots (and to reapply your settings quickly.)

  5. Paket Wisata, you’re absolutely right that the photographer’s focus is primarily on artistic expression. Before selecting accessories, it’s important to consider whether or not they will assist your focus (the memory back up, for example, eliminates the need to worry about losing your data.) Thanks for your comment!

  6. The cleaning kit sure looks like a make- up kit but I’m sure it’s more required and profitable! I usually struggle with the tripod stand but the Manfrotto BeFree product seems cool!! No need to purchase long and hard- to- carry slide bags anymore! The bag looks so professional and handy. Good job Jerroid, in culminating the requirements.

  7. I agree that it is important to always pack spares. I could see how having batteries that you could replace them in order to take a longer trip. I should make sure I get some extra batteries for my camera for my next vacation.

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