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6 reasons photography tourism is for you

Throw away the guidebooks and bask in the beauty of the world, spend time understanding the locals and capture fleeting moments of sheer spontaneity with photography tourism. Artisans of their craft or those who want to perfectly hone their skills, to open up a book of new images and to step away from the beaten path can gain the world in the palm of their hands when it comes to first class photography tourism. With prestigious companies offering keen photographers the chance to take a flawless journey, one that blends the finesse of luxury travel with creating stories in pictures, photography tourism has never been more special. Take a look at these reasons to think about packing your camera and hitting the open road on a photography tourism adventure. Enhances cultural experience Your camera becomes a part of your soul with photography tourism, a tool that helps you to understand, dissect and piece together the things you see, the people you meet and the hidden cultures you stumble across. Life behind the lens doesn’t have to distract you from the experience; it can serve to enhance it. You will grow to understand the light filtering across the Atlantic bay, to capture the flowers blooming in Monet’s garden and to appreciate how life works by witnessing it through the small square screen. The balance needs to be carefully juggled, you don’t want to skip personal experiences because you are too focused behind the lens but you also don’t want to forgo the shot you have been dreaming of. Photography Personalized tours Choosing a high-class photography tourism company will ensure that you can curate the perfect personalized tour. Usually photography tours are small in numbers, striking just the right balance when it comes to a sense of camaraderie blended with personal attention from your mentor. With photography tourism you can help create an itinerary that works, enjoy the chance to be flexible and to encourage and be encouraged by those around you. Personalized tours Discover something new Photography tourism with a first class company like Band of Light can show you a secret side of France thanks to unrivalled local expertise. Heading out into the world can be tricky if you don’t know which way to turn but with photography vacations you are sure to be pointed in the right direction. The experts will know the softest beds to sleep in, the best bottle of wine to perfect your palate, the dreamiest side streets to duck down and how to track down those moments worth capturing. Discover something new Perfect your craft with the masters For those who want to progress, to take their photos one step further and to learn the skills that are sure to last, photography tourism can be invaluable. With photography tours you can soak up the rare opportunity of spending time with the masters, seeking one to one mentoring and listening to invaluable feedback when it comes to your portfolio. Having a mentor instruct you along the way is the perfect chance to combine creativity with skill, which in turn will help you to find your own voice and pave your own way in the world of travel photography. Perfect your craft with the masters Document your journey Memory is one of our richest gifts and with a photography tour you can relive your journey time and time again. The images you will capture will feel more alive, will be soaked in color and beauty and are sure to rekindle your senses and bring the trip flooding back to you. The care and focus that tends to go into a photography tour portfolio will be infused with art, skill and stories which will make them even more special to hold on to. Document your journey Embrace the best of both worlds Photography tours blend the best of both worlds, not only can you travel to fascinating and fabulously photogenic locations but you also get to learn the skills that will help you to master your craft and become a visual storyteller. The best kind of photography tour brings together the educational elements of a workshop whilst giving you the chance to explore and be exposed to all kinds of wonderful photo opportunities. photography-vacation-paris Jerroid Marks is Founder of Band of Light. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Photography tourism has come a long way and is perhaps one of the many reasons Traveling new and newer places fascinate us more and more… it surely an art that everybody would love to be expert at…

  2. One of the highlights of the photography is, the accuracy of moment, and foresight in looking for the moment. I love photography. It seems you are very proficient in this field. I want to know, how do you explore a situation into a beautiful picture. A photograph is evidence, and the evidence is of a historical justification. nice post.

  3. All of these reasons are why I’ve started my own blog and have been passionate about making my photography polished and professional. I have come to love photography and want to learn more to capture moments and tell a story with my photography.

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