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Top 5 family-fun activities in the Cayman Islands

A sailing adventures to the exciting Cayman Islands is sure to have kids twitching in their seats. This natural adventure playground is the perfect place for running wild, discovering the sights and sounds of nature and playing pirates. Adults will adore the chance to bask in rich exotic dining, laze on sun drenched shores and explore the bursting color and charm of the local craft markets. Children can indulge in a ‘hands on’ experience in the Caymans with everything from snorkeling with turtles to riding bikes and building castles in the sand. Cayman Islands The Cayman Islands are truly a sailor’s paradise, but even more so, it is the perfect playground for children who love the sea. As one could expect, a luxury yacht is the perfect place for children to dive off the swim deck, play on the jetskis, kayaks and even learn to fish or to dive. Parents can spend the days soaking in the hot tub, reading under the billowing canopies and discovering the art of fine food with candlelit suppers beneath the stars. When the entire family wants a different type of adventure, one that requires time ashore, here are some of the best family-fun activities in the Cayman Island. Superyacht Stingray City Kids will love wading through the waters of Stingray City surrounded by dozens of friendly stingrays. Nestled on the shores of Grand Cayman you can touch and even feed these gentle flat creatures surrounded by crystal waters only three feet deep. Stingrays are normally shy but in the rich waters of Stingray City they seem to let go of their reservations allowing you to get up close and personal to pet them, let them nibble from your hand and to pose for photographs in this exciting arena. Stingray City Wet n Wild Adventures Blissful beach days don’t all have to be about lounging in the sun and on the Cayman Islands there are tons of watersports activities to keep everyone fuelled for fun. Kids will love taking a water tender or jetski out for a spin to explore the coast and to tear across the turquoise surface. Paddle boarding, kite surfing, kayaking and the fast flowing fun of clinging onto a banana boat are just a few ways in which you can tire the little ones out and leave them sun drenched and satisfied. Underwater adventure Atlantis Submarine Rides After spending days splashing around on the sands and the surface it may be time to drift down into the deep with the adventure of a lifetime. Atlantis Submarine Rides can be done in the light of day or even at night when the stars are twinkling to show you the nocturnal world of the Cayman Islands. As the boat dips down to the sea bed you can watch brightly painted schools of fish pass by, blooming anemones open up and coral cliffs rising and falling like mountains beneath the sea. Atlantis submarine rides Horseback riding Imagine taking a family adventure and seeing the delights of the Caymans from horseback. Climb on your snorting beast and ride across the sands and into the setting sun with this whirlwind journey that will ignite your imagination. Not only can you cross the sandy tracks but you can also go for a swim on the back of the magnificent creatures. All the horses are handpicked for their gentle personality and their love of adventure. Horseback riding Carl Sputh is the Captain of MYStarfire. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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