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Top 5 things to do in Cappadocia, Turkey

Take to the skies with a hundred other hot air balloons and spot some sci-fi scenery at sunrise, then head underground to explore the ancient cave cities. Whether you’re above or below the ground, one thing is for sure – Cappadocia is a totally magical place! Read on for our top 5 suggestions on what to see and do. Cappadocia 1. Go hot air ballooning Cappadocia is officially the most popular place in the world to go hot air ballooning. Every morning, around 100 balloons take off at the same time, creating a magical sky. The aerial views are incredible, and will give you the chance to spot some of the main landmarks including the famous fairy chimneys, Uchisar Castle and Devrent Valley. Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia 2. Visit the Fairy Chimneys and Love Valley The region in Turkey is famous for its incredible rock formations, but you don’t need to be a geologist to appreciate them! Several volcanic eruptions, followed by natural weathering and erosion has created a mesmerising landscape of craters, standing stones, valleys, and red canyons. It’s unlike anywhere else on the planet, so make sure you have plenty of space on your camera! Fairy Chimeys, Cappadocia Love Valley, Cappadocia 3. Visit Kaymakli Underground City Kaymakli is one of 36 underground cities in the region built thousands of years ago and once used by Christians to hide from Roman armies. Around half of it is open to the public, with the chance to explore underground churches, storage rooms, kitchens, wineries and more. 4. Visit Göreme Open-Air Museum No trip to Cappadocia is complete without a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage. Check out the medieval cave churches dating back to the 10th Century, and marvel at the detailed frescoes and designs still visible to this day! Göreme Open-Air Museum, Cappadocia 5. Stay in a cave hotel After a long day exploring all the many wonders in the region, relax in a unique boutique cave hotel. The majority of the hotels in Cappadocia are beautifully designed, incorporating many of the old cave features, alongside modern amenities. Kale Konak Cave Hotel is one of the top choices in the area, sitting high up next to Uchisar Castle, and providing incredible views across Göreme and beyond. Cave hotel, Cappadocia A trip to Cappadocia offers the perfect break from the vibrant, frenetic city of Istanbul. So next time you think about booking a holiday Turkey, skip the resorts, and go on a Cappdocian adventure!

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  1. Cappadocia is such a wonderful place to be!
    I think it has the freakiest land structure…. and some of the most adventurous things to do for tourists…. hot air balloon is like the trademark of Cappadocia. And riding on a hot air balloon is surely the best thing to do in Cappadocia…..

  2. I just want to go there so bad! Got close last November while I was in Istanbul, but the weather already looked too cold in Cappadocia. Next time!

  3. You may go anytime to cappadocia but if you want to also to do hot air balloning, you shoul consider weather conditions :-) it is very nice natural place in turkey.

  4. We wondered if it was worth the time and effort to get there as it is not really near anywhere else. In the end we went! So glad we did. Really unique place with such a long history, fantastic food and great wine. So it ticks the big three!

  5. Great post. I love the hot air balloons. We checked out the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico as loved it so much. I would love to see this one. I can’t imagine how amazing the views must be from up there. Thanks again.

  6. well, if the region is not very crowded, I would recommend Derinkuyu Underground City instead of Kaymakli Underground City… for maybe a next top five;
    1. I advice a hiking in a valley.. either Ihlara valley or Red Valley…or even an unpopular one.
    2. 2 hours horseriding near Göreme or Ortahisar if you have a free day. +Turkish Hammam after horseriding.
    3. Take photos over the beautiful Pigeon Valley with the evil eye tree.
    4. See a pottery art gallery ran by a family for centuries, try to do something for you with some red clay of red river.
    5. Wake up before sunrise, climb up to the hill in Göreme with your SLR camera and do not take any pictures of the balloons if you can. :)

  7. Fabulous post, I am planning to travel in Turkey this year so bookmarking this now, thank you for your wonderful insights.

  8. Excellent place to visit. If you ever think to come to Cappadocia, you must think of doing the balloon ride, cave hotel accommodation and visit to Goreme Open Air Museum.

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