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Top 5 things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Hugged by mountains and favoured by the rich and famous, Lake Bled manages to remain a sanctuary for all. Perfect for blissful weeks spent in the Slovenian countryside, and definitely one to recommend for romantic weekends away, it has a charming list of activities. Whether you’re interested in planning a spa break or walking holiday, here’s five top things to do on any trip to Lake Bled. Indeed, many come for the view, but what will you remember it for? 1. Stay in a hotel with a view For the extra money you can truly immerse yourself in the stunning landscape from a number of hotels surrounding the lake. All are well-designed so as not to taint the traditional atmosphere, whilst providing exceptional views. If you’re lucky, you could even be woken up by bird calls as there’s plenty of wildlife is this area, no doubt also enjoying the fresh air! 1. Stay in a hotel with a view 2. Visit Lake Bled Castle An absolute must is a trip up the hillside to the picturesque castle, seeing a beautiful white church along the way. The steps en route are quite steep and it takes roughly fifteen minutes to reach the top – as you can see, it’s got quite the vantage point. Once at the top, you enter the castle via a final set of stairs and come through an archway to a vast open area offering panoramic views of the town. You can spend hours up here enjoying the view, and perhaps dining al fresco at the castle’s restaurant. If you can tear yourself away from the natural scenes below, they have a winery, museum and also a blacksmith attraction to enjoy. 2. Visit Lake Bled Castle 3. Sample the local Lake Bled cream cake Normally you wouldn’t hear of this before stepping foot in the town but it’s a delicious treat for any visitor. While many serve the cake, there is only one original and why not opt for the best? Sample this custardy square treat where it was invented at the Hotel Park. In the cafe opposite the hotel you won’t lose sight of the lake, but your full attention will be on this sweet patisserie, the result of many years experimentation in the kitchen by Ištvan Lukačevič. 3. Sample the local Lake Bled Cream Cake 4. Take a boat across to the Cathedral Towards the far side of the last is a small island occupied by Lake Bled Cathedral and bell tower, which you’ll hear chiming throughout your visit. It’s a popular pastime to swim to the island, but you can also catch a lift on a boat or rent a kayak from numerous points along the bank. One option is to go in a larger boat with roughly twenty passengers for a set visit, which last around two hours from setting off to arriving back on the mainland. This is in fact plenty of time to explore the island and take photographs. Sailing across the water is very relaxing as you watch the captain do all the work! 4. Take a boat across to the Cathedral 5. Walk around the lake for an evening stroll Take in the atmosphere of the town as the sun sets and stroll around the lake into the early evening. In the summer and peak season, it’s still a peaceful and quiet affair, entertaining mainly couples who walk arm in arm. Lit up in the dark, Lake Bled showcases its mirror image in the water and is a fantastic photo opportunity. There are many benches in place to rest your feet en route and the ducks will still be out to play, so take leftover bread from your meal out if you want to make cute new friends! 5. Walk around the lake for an evening stroll About a thirty minute transfer from Ljubljana airport, Lake Bled is worth that little bit extra on your journey time. It’s a magical place that’ll never leave your imagination, so make it your aim to visit as soon as possible.

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  1. Nice things to do in the Lake Bled…
    Slovenia has beautiful places to visit and enjoy
    Thank you for sharing


  2. That cake is actually called Krempita (which means “cream pie”) and we have it in Croatia too. I wonder why Lake Bled is mentioned as its origin?

  3. Hi Anca, when I visited Lake Bled I was told the particular cream cake I sampled there was Slovenian and that it had been about sixty or so years since is was ‘invented’. With a bit of extra research, the chef came to Slovenia from Serbia, so potentially a number of countries have their own take on the dessert?

  4. I want to know more about this cake! When I was in Lake Bled last year, a Croatian man told me I had to try “Bled cake” but I had no idea what they were talking about or where to get it. So I guess Slovenia must have its own version, even if it was first served in Croatia. Has anyone tried it? YUM!

  5. Hi, great blog post. From lake Bled you can take a train and visit stunning Soca valley famous for its emerald green Soca river. Welcome back anytime. Vesna

  6. Hi, I see, some comments about cream cake! Blejska rezina! pron.: KRAMSCHNEETAA!
    My opinon, what I know: y.1953, in cackery of Park hotel starts cakemaster Ištvan Lukačević with them. Extremly taste full and sold near 15 milions ! It is a tradition! But in wikipedia you can find earlier cackery Lencek/Domzale, 1938! And we know Zagreb/Croatia cream cake, look a like, in Austria you can find too ! Its come all from the former common state Austro&Ungarian Monarchie! Like wiener schnitzel, gulasz, wurst, knoedel, strudel…

  7. Loved visiting Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge while staying in Ljubljana. I would suggest trying the other flavours of the Bled cake too if possible. While the original cake is creamy and delicious, I also liked the berry flavoured version.

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