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Top 8 things to do for a perfect shopping weekend in Berlin

In 2007, the first Berlin Fashion week was held, and it was an uproarious success! Berlin is a country so rich in culture, art, and history that this has been just another feather in Berlin’s cap. However, today, this feather has blossomed into an entire peacock! Berlin Fashion Week, held twice a year, has become one of the most anticipated events of the year. It has made Berlin the third most frequently visited place in Europe, and people from the world over gather here to celebrate the birth of new fashion trends, designers, models and brands. After all, this is the land of designers, like Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, and Rudolph Moshammer, so it offers an in-depth fashion experience for everyone who visits here. Below, we have listed the 8 places you absolutely must visit to immerse in the Berlin fashion experience thoroughly! Luxury fashionista areas in Berlin are located in Charlottenburg (all are around the luxury shopping district of Tauentzienstraße) and in Mitte around the famous Friedrichstraße. 1. Stay in a design suite at Ellington Hotel There are two reasons for keeping this as the number one spot, first, because accommodation is always the main concern for people, and second, because it is one of the most beautiful design hotels in Berlin that you should actually reserve a good time to explore. It is not one of those hotels where you dump your bags and only use your room to sleep. In fact, the Ellington Hotel is an experience in itself. It has a glamorous history, and you can catch glimpses of those days from the architecture of the hotel itself. There are beautiful, pure designed suites that you might find hard to leave at all! Couple this with the mesmerizing, summer garden where you can even sit in the rain, untouched by a drop of water because of a new roof setup they have built. Musical and Jazz nights are often held here. The restaurant boasts of exotic dishes, and their wine cellar goes as far back as 1969! If this is not a reason enough to indulge yourself in the Ellington Hotel luxury, then I do not know what is! Ellington Hotel, Berlin Nurnberger Str. 50-55 – 10789 Berlin 2. Discover the amazing KaDeWe This is a treat for all Shopaholics’ sore eyes; it is the largest department store in the whole of Europe, spanning over sever floors! It has been here since 1907, so you can only imagine the variety of articles you will find here! Think designers, think brands, think makeup, think special editions and furniture, appliances and kitchen, home, garden utilities; conjure up any product, and you are sure to find it here! My friends and I often joke how we would love to have a KaDeWe everywhere, so you could roam for hours and hours, find everything you need, or just do window-shopping and still love every single moment of it! That is not all though. It also houses a great food court, where you may enjoy a delicious meal. People often visit KaDeWe just for the food, at times, as it offers a wide range of choices from which to choose, each as tantalizing as the other. KaDeWe, Berlin Tauentzienstraße 21-24 – 10789 Berlin 3. Have a spa and a facial treatment at Guerlin Spa at Waldorf Astoria There is nothing more tempting than the idea of being pampered to make you look beautiful and rejuvenated, ease your body tension, and help you feel revitalized to the extent of being reborn. This is exactly the experience Waldorf promises to offer. At its 1000 sq meter Guerlain Spa, you may choose any of the vast number of treatments offered, like hydrotherapy, facials, body treatments, and massages, and couple treatments with renowned Guerlain beauty products. They also offer private services, indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, steam bath, and more…. The Guerlain Spa in Berlin was elected as best Spa in the world 2015. Guerlain Spa, Berlin Hardenbergstrasse 28 – 10623, Berlin 4. Have a cocktail drink and a stunning view from 25hours hotel Bikini Monkey bar While the name sounds frisky, this place is as fun and as relaxing as can be! Located at the 10th floor of 25Hours Bikini Hotel, this is the ideal place to go after a tiring day of shopping. You can enjoy the view of the entire city, both from the terrace and from inside, thanks to ceiling to floor windows. The name of the bar comes from the amazing view of monkeys at the Berlin Zoo that is visible. Along with this, it also offers mouth-watering food, cocktails, and drinks. The best part is that each of these is available at an affordable cost, and you can pay via EC or credit card as is convenient for you! So enjoy the spectacular view with delicious food and drinks after a fun shopping day; life could not get more perfect than this! 25hours Hotel Bikini Monkey Bar, Berlin Budapester Strasse 40 – 10787 Berlin 5. Discover Berlin’s Corner, a top fashion concept store for modern women This store houses the best of the best designers’ collection, so whichever dress or suit you have been looking for, you are sure to find it here. Everything has been spaciously displayed, making it easy to make a selection. It also hosts events and exhibitions for these famous designers and brands, so it is often the exclusive store for a lot of lines. Berlin Corner, Berlin Am Gendarmenmarkt Franziosische Strasse 40 – 10117 Berlin 6. Have a unique shopping experience at Quartier 206 Berlin is the hub of fashion, and this luxury department store is around a unique concept that fashion, design, and art can be mixed. Here, you get to experience fashion first-hand. International designers (even the best Japanese brands) and labels’ clothes and shoes to exotic jewelry, cosmetics, books, art, interior and flowers spread across the two floors. This mall is every Fashionista’s paradise. It is built exceptionally unique, giving the air of luxury and intimacy both. Quartier 206 department store, Berlin Friedrichstraße 71 – 10117 Berlin 7. Have a refined dining experience at Vau This place exudes elegance and class with its flawless architecture and decor. The food is cooked by the famous Chef Kolja Kleeberg, so care is taken down to the tiniest details of ingredients, texture, and taste. Not only will you enjoy your meal, you will feel almost serene because of how wonderfully everything is arranged here. The wine list is rich with the best German wines you can imagine in your life, and the food is really for true food esthetes and follows this philosophy of life: “Not more than 3 ingredients at the same time on the plate.” Vau restaurant, Berlin Jägerstraße 54-55 – 10117 Berlin 8. Have a drink at Catwalk, the fashionista bar at Marriott hotel Berlin This bar is elegance personified and hosts the best of fashion night events under the spirit of the famous Creative director, Michael Michalsky. Designed in colors of fashion, gold, chrome and black, this bar is beautifully structured. You can enjoy a simple drink or try one of their specials, which change every day. The music selection is brilliant because of the DJ and musicians, playing live for a mixed crowd of fashion jets, models, designers, photographers, and fashionistas, I must warn you that it is incredibly hard to resist the last. Catwalk bar, Berlin Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1 – 10785 Berlin While each of these locations has their own attractions, I would suggest you visit each place at least once to truly experience for what Berlin is so famous. I am sure once you are back, you will not stop raving about it! Olivier Templar-James is Chief Editor at Luxury Travelers Guide. 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