Photograph of the week: Close encounter with a great hammerhead shark

The Bahamas is a shark diving hot spot and the island if Bimini delivers an adrenaline rush of a dive that gets you up close and personal with great hammerhead sharks. The sharks are not shy and offer a unique photographic opportunity to those that love these enigmatic animals. In this image, the dive guide calmly watches the hammerhead shark swim overhead in the clear blue water. It is one of Nick Robertson-Brown’s all time favourite diving experiences.

Hammerhead diver_S

Thank you to Nick Robertson-Brown of Frogfish Photography for permission to reproduce the image.

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Comments (7)

  1. Oh looking dangerous ever shark look at shark size very risky. Nick Roberts is brave man really i appreciate with his this challenge with shark.

  2. Holly says:

    Absolutely stunning photo and a stunning creature! Sharks are so amazing and people should see more photos like this in an attempt to rid them of their fears. The Blue Hole in Belize was my best shark dive to date – I would definitely recommend that too.


  3. it is very dangerous pic ever because shark is almost 2 times bigger then man. this type of photography is really very very dangerous for his life.

  4. Paul Johnson says:

    Sorry, Amghala, but that’s incorrect.

    “Of the 10 known species of hammerhead, only three of them are known to be particularly dangerous to humans: the scalloped, great, and smooth hammerheads.”

  5. Paul Johnson says:

    Also, the great hammerhead shark is typically over 3x the size of a human.


  6. Eclay says:

    hammer head sharks are only three feet long so this is fake i love sharks and men and shoe laces i love i love and hammer head sharks are only three feet long faker mcfakey pants

  7. Paul Johnson says:

    That is incorrect also. There are different species of hammerhead sharks. The great hammerhead – which is pictured here – typically grows to around 20 feet in length.

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